Vancouver Laptop Company Helps in Creating Green Habits

A small Canadian company, Vancouver Laptop, becomes one of the pioneers to promote a new green habit of living by creating a new option for laptop users – fix-it-yourself.

North Vancouver, Canada, March 04, 2010 --( The millions of laptops are broken worldwide every year; and statistically, the most breakable part is an LCD screen. Before recession it was easier for most people to buy a new laptop in case of broken screen. Now more and more consumers look for a cost-effective solution. Surprisingly it has a positive side effect for environmental protection.

It is known that a very tiny battery can make one cubic meter of soil seriously contaminated and cause a water pollution. A much bigger laptop battery creates much more disposal troubles, not to mention other parts of laptop. Besides, replacing broken LCD screens, PC users can reduce the demand for new laptops those production pollute the Earth. Evidently replacing screens by laptop's manufacturer is good for our green planet. But there is even a “greener” option.

“What to do if your laptop screen is broken and you do not have warranty? Of course, you may find some place to repair or to send to the laptop manufacturer to fix. But these options would be not the best for your budget and the environment,” says Andrei Kisel, the co-owner of Vancouver Laptop Inc. “If you replace the screen on your own, you save resources and minimize your expenses on the cost of the laptop screen and labor. It is easy to do using our on-line illustrated guide even if you are not a technical person - with a couple of tools you will be able to replace the screen on your own.”

Vancouver Laptop company distributes only genuine original laptop screens - no generic or fake. The quality of these screens is exceptional because they are the same as the ones that laptop manufacturers use in their current laptop models. All models are made by reputable manufacturers that are globally recognized suppliers of electronic components. They manufacture an array of products, ranging from laptop internal cables, motherboards, LCD screens, hard drives, and DVD drives to keyboards. These manufacturers strive hard to maintain the highest quality of the products. Their LCD laptop screens are able to work in the most demanding environment.

Vancouver Laptop Inc.
Alex Smartson