God's Global Love Introduced to the World

Masterpiece abstract design is placed on products all over the world.

Denver, CO, March 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- God's global love is proud to present an online store full of God's global love products. All the products have one thing in common, a one of a kind abstract design. A good description of the design is a cross in the middle of the globe holding this wonderful world we live in and a trumpet having the beautiful musical sound waves coming from within. Music lovers from around the world will want to be a part of this great release. This design is the art work of Harlan Burress who had only done a few paintings in his life so far. Harlan has one special painting he wanted to share with the world. He named it God's global love. Harlan has a vision of this design being exploited all over the world. God's global love is happy to be sharing these beautifully designed products with you. Music lovers from around the globe can embrace new things that show their inner self. God's global love is happy to join the world of music lovers and are grateful to be able to share their masterpiece with the world.

This abstract sends a personal message to its viewers. God is holding the world together while all man kind shares their love for music. God's global love shares the same passions for music and design as other music lovers. On behalf of God's global love, welcome to the world.


God's Global Love
Harlan Burress