Andy Everson: Prints of Peace

Langley, Canada, November 03, 2006 --( Renowned Kwaguilth artist Andy Everson will be on site November 18, from 2-6pm at Tribal Spirit Gallery to unveil his latest work "Confessions with the Moon". A retrospective including some of Andy's most sought after prints will be on display November 18 through November 26, 2006.

Andy Everson was born in Comox, BC in 1972 and named Nagedzi after his grandfather, the late Chief Andy Frank. Influenced heavily by his grandmother, he has always been driven to uphold the traditions of both the Comox and Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations. In this regard, Andy has pursued avenues where he can sing traditional songs and perform ceremonial dances at potlatches and in a number of different dance groups, most notably the Le-La-La Dancers and the K’umugwe Dancers.

Pursuing other areas of traditional culture has also led Andy to complete a Master’s degree in anthropology. Because the Comox First Nation lies on the border between the larger Salish and Kwakwaka’wakw realms, his thesis focused on notions and expressions of contemporary Comox identity. His work in anthropology provided him with a background in linguistics which subsequently inspired him to create a company, Copper Canoe, Inc, that specializes in the creation of Aboriginal language CD-ROMs.

Andy feels that his artwork stands on par with these other accomplishments. Although he began drawing Northwest Coast art at an early age, Andy's first serious attempt wasn’t until 1990 when he started designing and painting chilkat-style blankets for use in potlatch dancing. From these early self-taught lessons, he has tried to follow in the footsteps of his Kwakiutl relatives in creating bold and unique representations that remain rooted in the age-old traditions of his ancestors. The ability to create and print most of his own work has allowed Andy to explore and express his ancestral artwork in a number of contemporary ways.

About Tribal Spirit Gallery:

Tribal Spirit Gallery represents First Nations artwork from the Northwest Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Selected works are available from accomplished artists including Mungo Martin (Chief NaKePenkim), David Martin, Trevor Hunt, Stan Hunt, David Mungo Knox, Tim Alfred, Sean Hinton, Derek Heaton, Curtis Joe, Tony Hunt, Richard Hunt, George Hunt Jr.

Our exhibit preserving the last pole carved by Kwaguilth Chief, Mungo Martin in the memory of his son David Martin provides an educational viewpoint on the preservation of Northwest Coast traditions and the lives of the First Nations people.

Visitors are invited to stroll through 2400 sq ft. of hand carved totem poles, masks, paddles, silver and gold jewelry, bentwood boxes, paintings and prints celebrating the achievements of Northwest Coast First Nations artists. The collection is accented by locally designed and wearable artwork including embroidered vests, t-shirts, shawls, pullovers and wraps.

Cultural Events are planned throughout the year, inviting the local and surrounding communities to take part in traditional and contemorary perspectives by First Nations artists.


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