Have a Vampire Weekend with a Good Book: Music Producer JackDazey Releases New Book of Seductive Essays

After an appearance in Law and Order episode: Children of the Lost Blood, music producer/visionary and now author JackDazey awakens his charismatic seductive persona in his new release of romantic collective works in a true diary titled - Dying For Her Love, in which he states "it is my return from the death of my heart to unite with my true love."

New York, NY, March 11, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Love and it's power is an old concept and a steadily fading reality due to society's obsession with sex. JackDazey is hypnotic in his works, demonstrating an old soul of a true romantic of a world long ago with his stake in the heart approach of blood flowing love.

Rubin Einstein mentions: "From the deep in the soul expression and profession for his life long soul mate now found, JackDazey bleeds profusely in his daily love letters and seductive essays to his angel of love and he prepares to travel 3000 miles to be reunited with his queen from a past life. He is a modern day Shakespeare mix with eternal desire for love of a real life vampire."

JackDazey states: "In my music I have always express my longing and belief in true love in a coded fashion. I have longed for ages for 'The One' to be delivered to me. Through hard faith and knowing that one day I will find her, the universe delivered her unto me in a miraculous way. She is the living incarnate of a porcelain statue that I loved since a child."

The book Dying For Her Love, captures the undying love, faith, hope and spirituality of a romantic from a time we read in books from long ago reminiscent of Shakespearean sonnets. It can be found as a paperback and downloadable at the following address http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/dying-for-her-love---a-love- diary/6436948?productTrackingContext=center_search_results

JackDazey is a music producer/visionary/consultant from New York City. The book's opening song/lyric "Crying Out" can be found on his site http://www.Dying-For-Her-Love.com which is has a Linkin Park/Nickleback feel. It can be downloaded on all major music distribution websites.

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