Podcast Discusses Guidance Counselors' Limitations in Providing College and Career Advice

Top-Tier Tutoring reviews the realities of guidance provided to each high school student by their counselors in its latest podcast. Is 38 minutes enough?

West Orange, NJ, March 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Is 38 minutes per year enough? This is the question posed in Top-Tier Tutoring’s latest podcast entitled “Guidance Counselor Realities.” To listen to the podcast, go to www.bit.ly/cW5CTF.

In this podcast, co-founder, tutor and college counselor Mike Rivera of Top-Tier Tutoring delves into the realities facing high school guidance counselors. A recent study determined that an average high school student will spend approximately 38 minutes per year with his or her guidance counselor discussing college counseling and/or career counseling. In order to take full advantage of the time, the podcast offers questions that should be posed.

“A guidance counselor’s time is limited by the number of students assigned as well as other administrative duties required,” explains Rivera. He continues: “Most guidance counselors are willing and able to offer excellent advice to their students, but their time is limited.” In point of fact, the national student/guidance counselor average ratio is 1:315 in public schools and 1:241 in private schools.

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