Too Soon Old - Too Late Smart!: A Book of Hope and Renewal

Too Soon Old - Too Late Smart!: A Book of Hope and Renewal
Jacksonville, NC, November 04, 2006 --( As author Alana L. Lilly discusses the aspects of life that can be cruel and grossly unfair, her message of hope and renewal shines through in this inspirational guide. All females face adversities, hardships, and trials. Life is hard - but turning your back on friends, family, and the ones you love is never the answer. So find a comfortable place to sit and relax, and let Lilly tell you her inspirational story...

After repeating the same mistakes over and over again, author, Alana Lilly, often thinks, "What's wrong with me?" Lilly swore to never make bad decisions again. But, like many woman, she kept moving from one dysfunctional relationship to the next. Then something miraculous happens.

All females face adversities, hardships and trials. Life is hard . So find a comfortable seat and relax, and let Alana tell you her inspirational story.

Author Bio
Alana L. Lilly resides in Jacksonville, North Carolina, where she has lived for more than twenty-five years. Too Soon Old—Too Late Smart! is her first book.

Alana L Lilly