The Langsdon Clinic Speaks Out About CO2 Lasers, Offering the More Effective Phenol Chemical Peel

The Langsdon Clinic speaks out about the recent 'hype' regarding the use of CO2 lasers and commits to the more effective treatment of phenol chemical peels. Dr. Phillip Langsdon discusses the recent trend and why a phenol chemical peel in most cases is better than CO2 laser treatment.

Memphis, TN, March 19, 2010 --( Memphis Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Phillip Langsdon treats patients with deep facial wrinkles, sun damage, and skin discoloration. Helping them achieve their goals with Phenol Chemical Peels.

In the past, the CO2 Laser was used by doctors in an attempt to equal the results with Phenol Chemical Peel but the claims did not stand up. In a study performed by Dr. Langsdon in the year 2000, under the University of Tennessee Institutional Review Board, the CO2 Laser showed several problems. Over time, other doctors recognized the limitations of the CO2 laser and the laser use declined.

According to Dr. Langsdon, “The recent publicity over newer fractional type CO2 lasers promised results with no significant down time, but have not shown results better than the tried and true Phenol Chemical Peel, even after several laser treatments. Patients with significant aging, skin damage and deep wrinkles obtain excellent results with Phenol Chemical Peel.”

"The wrinkle improving ability of the Phenol Chemical Peel is, without question, superior to other treatments" states Dr. Langsdon. Dr. Langsdon goes on to say that "usually, only one treatment is needed, and the results last decades. Sometimes, small touch up's are needed for very deep wrinkles."

"No treatment can eradicate all wrinkles in all patients", Dr. Langsdon cautions, "but a Phenol Chemical Peel is better suited for deep wrinkles."

Dr. Langsdon also states, “Phenol Chemical Peel works best for the fair skinned patient with deep wrinkles. If the patient has darker skin, lighter type peels may be recommended."

Not every doctor knows how to properly perform Phenol Chemical Peeling and, it is essential that it be performed by a trained, experienced facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist. Phenol Chemical Peeling is an art that takes some time to learn. A point of caution for those searching for laser treatments; doctors with no formal plastic surgical training are buying lasers, taking weekend courses, and offering laser resurfacing to the public.

Owning a laser does not make one an expert. Likewise having a diploma or board certification does not mean a doctor has formal training and experience in peeling. Look carefully at who you choose to treat your face.

General Advantages of the Phenol Chemical Peel:

-Less discomfort
-Lighter anesthetic required
-Excellent Results

Dr. Phillip Langsdon is board certified by The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has 10 publications on chemical peeling and several comparing laser to chemical peeling. He is a full Professor with the University of Tennessee and has been in private practice for 24 years. See his full C.V. at

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