Asian Restaurants Ranked by its "Asian Ratio"

Online webiste,, ranks Asian restaurants based its "Asian Ratio"

Melbourne, Australia, November 04, 2006 --( Ever wandered by an Asian restaurant, packed full of Asians and thought "Gee, that must be a good place... it's packed with Asians."

Well it's true. pays homage to the collective culinary wisdom of Asians.

Asian Ratio's ranking method is simple:
The Asian Ratio of a restaurant equals Asian patrons divided by total patrons.

Founder of Asian Ratio, Graeme Klass, explains:
"Well, I've been using this formula for a few years now and I have found that the higher the Asian Ratio of an Asian restaurant the better value for money you get."

"It's funny because I thought I was the only one that applied this sort of criteria to Asian restaurants. While talking with a few friends I discovered that many people (Asians and Non-Asians alike) use this criterion. My fiancé and I were discussing the concept of making an "Asian Ratio" website and we both thought it was a good idea. That night I registered it and set off creating"

Asian Ratio is the latest in user generated web content. Visitors can add their own restaurants and submit their very own “Asian Ratio” reviews.

“So next time you are in a restaurant note the Asian Ratio and submit it on our site!” Mr Klass explains, “We are building a community of people who, like me, and are passionate about Asian food!”

Graeme Klass