AHEB Investment Group Provides Project Funding Assistance for Waste2Energy

During their project funding application, Waste2Energy enlisted the professional assistance of AHEB Investment Group in order to successfully secure their financing.

Limassol, Cyprus, March 11, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Waste2Energy have been seeking professional advice, assistance and support during their application for project funding by AHEB Investment Group.

Waste2Energy Group Chairman Mr David Hamilton-Dick was initially concerned about the slow progress of their application for project funding, but now feels that the partnership approach of AHEB Group with open and frank communication has provided the best results.

“Throughout our early stage concerns, AHEB was constantly reassuring us that everything was in order but the lack of news on our high level contract still made us a little uneasy. However this has now changed, having had the chance to meet AHEB Directors and also the fortune to also meet some of their very high level international banking contacts we appreciate the in depth understanding they have of the way these banks work. With an extensive network of contacts in the right places and their experience dealing with these high level funding applications, we believe they were a major factor in our success despite the negative lending climate,” says Hamilton-Dick.

AHEB Investment Group are quick to advise clients that during negotiation periods, particularly with these confidential contracts there will be a distinct lack of information to begin with. Many times, lack of confidentiality during negotiation can even jeopardise the outcome of a deal as all parties must be given the chance to carefully consider their options. This applies not only to the project initiators but also the banks involved and investment partners who will all require confidentiality to be strictly observed before a deal is made. AHEB’s complete commitment to preserving this confidentiality is also the reason for their major success in building up a large network of investment partners with many business interests.

Waste2Energy executives also had the opportunity to find out first hand from AHEB’s banking contacts about the strong relationships the company has within this sector and their ability to spread and syndicate large funding deals across several banks thereby reducing each institution’s risk and increasing the chance of the application being accepted.

AHEB also provided Waste2Energy with invaluable advice from their past experiences, ensuring that their formal presentation to the banks was both perfectly timed and extremely well researched and supported by all necessary documents and validations. Through AHEB’s advice, all collateral was secured prior to arranging this stage, as the banks are known for not giving second opportunities in these cases.

“AHEB also assisted us with securing interest collateral, despite this traditionally being our obligation, which took some time, due to the many bogus financial instruments now in the marketplace, so their advice during this process was invaluable,” he adds.

Waste2Energy’s Mr Hamilton-Dick feels AHEB has proved its worth during this process. “In the current environment of strict lending criteria, having the support of AHEB’s extensive network of banking and investment contacts and partners, who also helped to provide interest collateral sources, provided our project with what it needed in order to continue. Through their professional consideration for all parties confidentiality and their commitment to perservering until the job is done, they proved that their procedures and knowledge can be the difference between success and failure for your application.”

AHEB Investment Group
Andreas Charalambous