HMS Joins Oracle Partner Network at Gold Level

HMS Software combines its long standing technical relationship with both Oracle and Primavera.

Montreal, Canada, March 13, 2010 --( HMS Software has announced that it has been accepted by Oracle in the Oracle Partner Network at Gold Level thanks to its ongoing relationship with the Oracle Primavera line of products. This program is designed to allow organizations such as HMS to create a technical alliance with Oracle in order to more effectively bring products and services to each other’s clients.

“Thanks to TimeControl, our timesheet product, HMS has a technical relationship with Oracle that stretches back over 12 years and a relationship with the Primavera line of project management products that goes back to 1997,” said Chris Vandersluis, President of HMS Software. “With the acquisition of Primavera by Oracle, we have been able to combine our participation in these two partner programs.”

The Oracle Partner Network program is designed to provide independent software vendors access to technical resources so that these products can be better aligned for Oracle clients. HMS Software’s TimeControl timesheet product is able to take advantage of this in several ways.

“TimeControl has always supported multiple database systems,” explains Stephen Eyton-Jones, HMS Software’s Director of Technical Services. “One of those databases has been Oracle which we have supported since 1997. Our long-standing partner relationship with Oracle has allowed us to test new versions of TimeControl on upcoming releases of the Oracle database. TimeControl also integrates directly with Oracle Primavera to link timesheet data and project planning data between the two systems. Now with Primavera being an Oracle product, we expect we’ll be able to create even more efficient links with TimeControl.”

HMS Software originally became a Primavera Technology partner based on the integration of its TimeControl timesheet software which has pre-configured links to move data to and from Primavera’s project management products. Now Oracle Primavera clients who require more financially oriented timesheets or timesheets which are well suited for both payroll and project updating purposes can deploy the TimeControl timesheet and Oracle Primavera together.

The bi-directional link between TimeControl and Oracle Primavera allows for project, task and resource information to be moved from the project managements system and actual hours, costs and task progress to move from TimeControl back to Oracle Primavera.

TimeControl’s additional functionality makes the product an attractive add-on when an organization wishes to implement Oracle Primavera and to use the timesheet data to update both project management and financial systems such as Payroll, Billing, Human Resources or Job Costing. TimeControl is able to link to virtually any financial system including Oracle Financials, SAP, Timberline and Microsoft’s Dynamics group of finance packages.

“We expect that our new relationship with Oracle will result in even tighter integration with the Oracle Primavera system but also with other members of the Oracle family,” says Vandersluis.

Some of the clients who have already adopted TimeControl to work with Primavera's systems include the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, Koch Industries, Opal-RT, Schering-Plough, Acergy, San Mateo County and Lockerbie and Hole.

Some of TimeControl's value-added benefits when linking with Oracle Primavera include: Multiple Rates per employee, simultaneous support for multiple versions of Oracle Primavera and matrix organization approvals with HMS Software's unique Matrix Approval Process for Labor Actuals™. This process allows both departmental supervisors to approve hours and costs with an unlimited number of approval levels and for project managers to be able to verify and if required, redistribute accepted hours before they are transferred back to Oracle Primavera.

For more information about TimeControl and how it links to Oracle Primavera, visit the TimeControl website at www. timecontrol .com/solutions/primavera.

About TimeControl
TimeControl was originally released in 1994. It was immediately successful in the project management sector and today is recognized not only as a project management solution, but also as an enterprise timesheet solution in use by companies worldwide. TimeControl is designed to serve the needs of both Finance and Project Management simultaneously. It includes features such as flexible user structures to allow for multiple levels of timesheet authorization and an open data architecture, which makes the product ideally suited for integration with existing data systems in any organization. TimeControl’s flexibility allows it to be deployed for use as a time and attendance, time and billing, project time and flex-time system. TimeControl has both a Web and Windows interface.

For more information about TimeControl, visit www. timecontrol .com.

HMS has representatives or distributors in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, the UK, and the U.S.

About HMS Software
Based in Montreal, Canada with offices in Toronto, HMS Software has been a leading provider of project management and enterprise timesheet systems and services since 1984. HMS Software's first customized timesheet application was written in 1984. With the launch of TimeControl as a commercial application in 1994, HMS Software began servicing clients worldwide.

HMS Software's client list reads like a who's who of business. It includes Acergy, Rio Tinto, the Atlanta Airport, The Canadian Business Development Bank, the County of San Mateo, Dundee Wealth, FT Services, the Government of Saskatchewan, John Deere, Kelly Services, Koch, Lockerbie and Hole, Motorola, Schering-Plough, Parker Hannifin, Rolls Royce, Sobeys, Thompson Beta, Volvo Novabus and hundreds of others.

For further information about HMS Software, please visit the HMS website at: www. hmssoftware .ca.

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