San Francisco’s devil said maybe. Releases Debut Album

San Francisco band devil said maybe. cutting into the scene with their debut self-titled EP welcoming a blues rock reunion.

San Francisco, CA, March 13, 2010 --( San Francisco band devil said maybe. has been winning fans over for some time now with their impressive live performances around the city. Fans and future fans will be happy to hear that the bluesy rock band is set to release their debut self-titled album March 13th with a CD release party at Hotel Utah.

Recording in a haunted studio in the old Weed Palace Theater, the band summoned the ghosts in order to get good takes. And after listening to the haunting and heart-felt songs on this album, it becomes clear that the spirits answered. Their music and lyrics transport you out of the city and onto the dirt paths and cabins on the outskirts of town. “Everything that you hear on the album is as it was happening on stage, without the sugar coating and with plenty of ghostly features and the fearless emotion that these guys deliver so well together, all captured through microphones and beautiful vintage gear,” said producer Lori Castro.

Citing Celtic and Afro American music as some of their major influences, DSM’s sound is full of driving percussions and vocals. Whether it’s the plaintive Irish lament, fierce war cries, and booming throb of Celtic drums or the twangs and rhythms of 30’s blues, their music is eclectic and stirring. Singer Ben Brown’s vocals can switch from gentle to guttural in a flash, while his older brother Nick Brown provides a strong backbone with the bass. Percussionist Josh Levine’s skilled use of the reverberations of the drums and cymbals creates the compelling rhythms that are found on every DSM song. If you’re looking to hear a young, talented band that brings the alt-country rock and blues soul to the city, look no further than devil said maybe.

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