Vukcic Publishes Famed Poet Nicholas Pugliese's Second Book, "Elevator Wit"

Detroit, MI, March 14, 2010 --( A book of poetry, dealing with topics such as death, love, Rutherford B. Hayes, dogs, monsters, dreams, money, murder, starfish, being buried alive, bridges, dumpsters, and other common themes, using both free verse and more formal poetic styles.

Buy now to feel artsy.

Nicholas Pugliese is a renowned but under-appreciated poet in Flint, Michigan. Fatigued by the hypocrisy and sycophancy of the area's poet community, he's decided to circumvent them and self-publish. Vukcic is a nebulous firm dedicated to advancing arts that don't pander to the same sycophancy Nicholas Pugliese is trying to avoid. By buying his book, you are allowing an artist to be heard without being diluted. To be experienced without being neutered.

Buy "Escalator Wit" now and support the unheard voices of the world.

Nicholas Vukcic
810 358 0494