The Atlanta Wine Guy Goes Bubbly

Atlanta wine blogger Kevin Glowacki attempts to taste 365 or more Champagnes and sparkling wines in 2010.

Atlanta, GA, March 14, 2010 --( In the crowded world of wine blogs, Kevin Glowacki sparkles in his attempt to taste at least one sparkling wine for every day of the year. You can follow his progress at his website, listed below under contact information.

“My first love of wine was sparkling wine and while it may seem clichéd, my first aha wine was a bottle of 1996 Dom Perignon. I love sparkling wine and didn’t see any wine bloggers giving it the love it deserves. Even the professional publications continue to emphasize it only during the holidays and around New Year’s.”

Kevin has had extremely generous support from sparkling wine makers around the USA and the globe, obtaining samples from Michigan, Virginia and Georgia, the country, not his current state of residence. “I’ve been surprised myself to find out where some people are making sparkling wines and the quality that is available, at very reasonable prices. While Champagne may have the prestige, they’d better watch out as their lower priced competitors continue to nip at their heels.”

About Kevin Glowacki

Kevin Glowacki began to love wine around 2003, as he sought new ground for his olfactory obsession. He is a reformed cologne collector (over 200 different ones) turned wine obsessive who loves sparkling wines more than anything. “Have you ever seen someone frown when drinking Champagne?” is Kevin’s reply when folks ask him why sparkling wines are his favorite. Kevin holds an Advanced Certificate from the Wine Spirit Education Trust, the world’s leader in wine education.


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