Shapewear Creator Vera Watkins of Marena Everyday Named Ms. Corporate America Pageant Finalist

Shapewear ( creator Vera Watkins of performance compression wear maker Marena Everyday is a finalist in the Ms. Corporate America Pageant being held at the Linda Chaplin Theater, Orlando, Florida, March 19 - 20.

Lawrenceville, GA, March 15, 2010 --( Shapewear ( creator Vera Watkins, co-founder of performance compression wear company Marena Everyday, is one of 15 finalists in the 2010 Ms. Corporate America Pageant being held at the Linda Chaplin Theater, Orlando, Florida, March 19 and 20.

The Ms. Corporate America Pageant ( seeks women who can exemplify the achievement of today's corporate woman, whether they own a business or work for corporate America, and who can serve as an inspiration for other American women.

Ms. Watkins makes clothes for both men and women that can boost strength, raise energy, improve health, and permanently reshape the body. Her clothes are very popular with those wanting to reshape their body as well as Olympian and professional athletes who have discovered the performance benefits of her shapewear.

Ms. Watkins is an inspiring example of the American Dream. Emigrating from Serbia via Switzerland she has turned her passion and innovation for shapewear into a highly successful American corporation, becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of compression garments.

“I am honored to have been chosen as a finalist in the Ms Corporate America Pageant and am very excited to participate in the upcoming competition,” says Ms. Watkins.

“I faced many challenges when starting a small business with my compression garments that were originally designed to assist patient healing after surgeries. I always wanted the company to grow into a successful corporation. As our line expanded into shapewear and activewear and gained in popularity with everyday users that dream is coming true.”

One factor in the rising popularity of Watkins’s shapewear is the immediate and dramatic “slimming effect” created by wearing compression garments. A one to two inch reduction around the hips or waist is not uncommon for someone wearing a compression top and bottom.

Watkins says not only are the slimming results immediate, but the inch loss can be long-term if the garments are worn long enough. The garments can be used for a gradual permanent reshaping of the entire body or almost any portion.

Not only is Watkins an inspiration to other women striving for success in corporate America, her products help women realize their much-sought-after body shape goals as well.

Shapewear ( creator Vera Watkins is the cofounder of Marena Everyday, the world’s largest manufacturer of her patented compression garments. She and her husband Bill launched the Marena Group in 1994 with Vera as seamstress, stitching garments together on a used sewing machine. Vera’s unique management style includes providing her 80 employees with ballroom dancing lessons daily on company premises, giving them a fun, health promoting, and extroverting break from the production routine.

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