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Debt Shield, Inc.

Debt Shield Launches Virtual Consultant

People struggling with debt can now get their personalized, online consultation instantly through Debt Shield’s new virtual consultant program.

Columbia, MD, November 07, 2006 --( Executives at Debt Shield, Inc., a Maryland-based debt settlement company, are now offering consumers their Virtual Interactive Consultative Interface, affectionately called VICI, which is a computer-animated consultant that guides consumers through Debt Shield’s online application and personalized debt assessment process.

Consumers can still click to speak immediately to a representative or submit the application and wait for a debt consultant to call. However, the applicant can now go through a brief, VICI-guided questionnaire and, when completed, the VICI system will present an assessment of the applicant’s situation. Each applicant’s assessment includes graphs and descriptions of various debt relief options.

“The Virtual Consultant will give applicants the opportunity to get a comprehensive and immediate debt assessment,” said Debt Shield President Steve Carrier. “Applicants get the fast assessment they deserve while the information they submit helps our consultants provide quicker, more thorough service.”

VICI guides visitors through five questions and explains why certain information is requested. The resulting debt assessment provides the applicant with a short summary, graphics, projected debt settlement program cost and duration. The assessment also provides projections for other debt relief options so the applicant can compare them with debt settlement.

The VICI system provides applicants with a printer-friendly version of their assessments so they can have a record of their virtual consultation. Executives at Debt Shield believe that offering more consultation options will encourage more consumers to seek out and consider professional help with resolving debt problems.

“Our enhanced application and assessment system gives consumers three different options tailored toward different comfort levels,” explained Carrier. “There is a short application for those with little time and who just want a basic assessment, a push-to-talk option for those who want to talk to someone immediately and the Virtual Consultant for those who want a financial snapshot of their situation.”

Consumers struggling with credit card debt can get their free debt assessment by going to Debt Shield’s website at

About Debt Shield:

Debt Shield, Inc., is a debt settlement company dedicated to helping consumers resolve their unsecured debt through mutually agreeable and discounted lump sum settlements in consideration of legitimate financial hardships. By helping consumers avoid bankruptcy, Debt Shield provides a service for both debtors and creditors. For more information about Debt Shield, call 1-888-397-7546 or visit the website at

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