Published Horror Author Kat Yares a Member of the Arkansas Talent DataBase is This Weeks Guest on Arkansas Talent Conversations

Horror and thriller author Kat Yares has released the first in a series of short stories titled Revealed Evil, she reveals just how these stories came about. Arkansas Talent Conversations is a weekly podcast that interviews Arts and Entertainment Professionals for perspectives into today’s art, film and entertainment scene.

Clinton, AR, March 17, 2010 --( Published horror author Kat Yares discusses her ideas and the basis for the dark and somber tales on her first of three short story collections. Pulled from past experiences, her stories hit true to life and the revealing evil that lies in every person. Her works, from the past thirty years, have been compared to being as personal and real as the film Precious. The ideas for the short stories, she admits, comes from people she has known and perhaps hints at past personal experiences. Her work involves not only the imagination, but deep research into the human psyche. Kat’s interview reveals the motivation behind her work and what she plans to construct for the future. With three novels underway, her cabinet also holds four spec scripts. She is also currently preparing selected stories from Revealed Evil for a film adaptation to begin this summer of 2010. Although she would not disclose which characters she portrayed, perhaps her voice can be compared from audio excerpts on the Audio CD of Revealed Evil, the Radio Style play.

Kat Yares is a member of the Arkansas Talent Database. Arkansas Talent Conversations interviews, on a weekly basis, members of the Arkansas Talent DataBase (ATDB). The ATDB is a free resource website for all Arkansas residents involved in arts and entertainment. Whether they are, filmmakers, actors, artists, musicians, writers, and all entertainment professionals. “As this website resource grows, so are the opportunities for its members along with arts and entertainment visibility for Arkansas.” Says Co-Founder Kevin Yares.

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