Offers $20 Rebate to PC Users in Effort to Prevent Disaster Before It Strikes

From now through the month of April, anyone purchasing Life Link International’s unrivaled USB data protection device, “The SAFE” will receive a $20 rebate check included with the USB pocket drive.

Los Angeles, CA, March 17, 2010 --( Nobody likes to plan for disasters, but as the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have shown, horrific tragedies can strike at any second. As the season changes spring brings violent tornados followed by often devastating summer hurricanes. And without adequate preparation, these sad events are made worse by the vital family records that are permanently lost among the wreckage. Had these items been properly stored, instead of crammed into disorganized boxes, filing cabinets, or lost on a hard drive, then invaluable documents would have survived and victims’ lives could begin the healing and rebuilding process.

The SAFE is a PC users’ best defense against such catastrophic loss. Incomparable in design and security, this portable USB “pocket safe” comes with over 40 pre-loaded document forms which allow users to easily and efficiently enter in their personal and family’s vital information into multiple categories, covering nearly all aspects in one’s life. Indexed for instant access to any page, The SAFE’s 2.0 gigabytes of disk space also allow users to upload entire documents, such as photos and electronic files which is automatically alphabetized or placed in numerical order. It is also important to note The SAFE is protected by a leather-bound exterior, so users' valuable data will be guarded should it come under physical duress.

Unlike other ID protection products, user info on The SAFE is not kept on any kind of server, has no online components and Life Link employees do not retain or ever have access to user data. The SAFE includes anti-intrusion safeguards is encrypted by a 12-character password that the user creates, with only the user having access to it. Should The SAFE ever become lost or stolen, three wrong password entries will cause a permanent shutdown.

Other USB-based ID protection products require some information to be kept online or in a server, at the whim of hackers, disgruntled employees, or have “back door” methods to access information. The same holds true for online membership sites that house consumers' personal information on offsite servers.

Weighing less than an ounce, The SAFE is designed to be easily stored or carried making it the lightest, most secured portable file cabinet ever. Just type, save and at a moment’s notice, grab’n go.

To learn more about The SAFE, please visit website.

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