Podcast Explains the Rolling Admissions College Application Procedure

In its latest podcast, Mike Rivera of Top-Tier Tutoring discusses the pros and cons of applying to colleges that use a rolling admissions procedure.

West Orange, NJ, March 17, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Rolling Admissions means that a college imposes no strict deadline for application submission; and applicants will be accepted so long as space is available within the freshman class. The positives and negatives of this procedure are addressed in Top-Tier Tutoring’s latest podcast entitled “About Rolling Admissions.” To listen to the podcast, go to http://bit.ly/bNDziG.

In this podcast, co-founder, tutor and college counselor Mike Rivera of Top-Tier Tutoring explains the Rolling Admissions procedure, which is employed by a minority of colleges. One benefit to this process is that a decision is rendered within a few weeks of a student’s applying as opposed to the typical two month wait for regular admissions. Another benefit is the application window is open long after other colleges have made their notifications, and if a student is not accepted, a rolling admissions college may provide an excellent opportunity. On the other hand, some Rolling Admissions colleges may require a timely decision by the candidate once accepted, which may be prior to the regular admissions deadline, so prudence must be exercised with regard to the timeline.

“Rolling admissions is a great method to ensure that a student will attend college,” explains Rivera. He continues: “If a Rolling Admissions college is a student’s first choice, by applying early the student may be accepted quickly and then be first in line for housing and/or financial aid. One note of caution is to make sure a student does not have to agree to attend the Rolling Admissions college prior to receiving notice from other regular admissions colleges in which s/he may have a greater interest. This podcast goes into great detail about Rolling Admissions so a student will be armed with pertinent information when applying.”

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