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San Diego Jewelry Buyers Advises Customers on How to Spot Gold Scams

San Diego, CA, March 18, 2010 --( San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has just published a consumer tips article for people who are selling their old gold but worried about being caught in a gold scam. “Selling some old gold items is now a popular way for people to get quick cash,” explains Carl Blackburn, owner of SDJB, “but unfortunately some fly-by-night gold buying operations have popped that take advantage of consumers and buy their gold at prices far below what a reputable gold buyer would pay them.”

Recognized in San Diego as a trusted buyer of gold, diamonds, fine jewelry, and watches, Blackburn was interviewed several months ago by former CNN anchor Sasha Foo for a KUSI News special report titled: Selling Your Gold? Don’t Get Scammed! “I still meet San Diegans every day who talk about that news report, asking me for more advice on how to get the most money for their gold while avoiding getting ripped off,” says Blackburn. “So I and my staff wrote down a list of top ten tips.”

San Diego Jewelry Buyers’ tips for avoiding gold scams and finding a good gold buyer is published along with many other articles on the “Knowledge” section of SDJB’s website—articles that provide useful information on such topics as how to sell estate jewelry, how to sell a used Rolex, and how to sell loose diamonds. The following are several tips from SDJB’s latest article on how to avoid gold scams:

**Beware of gold buyers who “lowball” the customer first, then when the customer declines, offers a slightly higher amount of money. Ethical gold buyers offer you their best price right from the start.

** Beware of gold buyers whose ranking with the Better Business Bureau is lower than a B. Learn more about the company by reading any BBB complaints that have been filed and examine their online customer reviews via Google.

** Beware of gold buyers that don’t have a bricks and mortar office and exist solely online, as well as gold buyers who have no track record in the gold buying and jewelry buying business.

**Beware of gold buyers who say they are the best place to sell your gold because they are a gold refinery and eliminate the middle man. Some “gold refinery” gold buyers have been found by investigative journalists to pay among the lowest prices for gold. Research the gold buyer (be they a gold refinery or not) before doing business with them.

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