Pazuzu Trilogy Available as EBooks

The Pazuzu Trilogy by Matthew Sawyer is now available in ebook formats at Smashwords.

Sunland, CA, March 18, 2010 --( The Pazuzu Trilogy by Matthew Sawyer is now available in spectrum of ebook formats (Kindle, Palm, Sony Reader PDF etc.) at Smashwords. For links to purchase the books, visit the author's biography at

Synopsis: Pazuzu, an ancient demon, awakes to confront supernatural forces that prey upon an unguarded world. The demon awake to fulfill its purpose. Evil is used to fight evil.

The demon first needs a human body. It finds Benedict Ishkott wandering alone and empty in the wastes of the Shur. The strange man joins the Cortras brothers on their way to the Promised Land. Benedict doesn't tell them of the voice following him. One man, suffering amnesia, carries salvation and damnation out of the desert.

The author has provided samples of the books and cover art for review and download. More information about the author is also available on the website for the "Pazuzu"

Trilogy. Visit the Pazuzu Trilogy at

Matthew Sawyer