MI Homes – Local Residents Learn Real Estate Investing by The Wayne Turner Group

Local real estate coach and mentor holds one day workshop to help residents supplement their income.

Southfield, MI, March 23, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Ranking high in unemployment rates and foreclosures, Michigan residents have been feeling the pinch lately to find ways to supplement their dwindling incomes in order to make ends meet. While many have tried to find part time jobs in order make more money, there are some who have decided to take advantage of the Michigan Real Estate Market and supplement their incomes by adding one to ten or more rental properties to make ends meet. With the onslaught of properties available and thousands of families that need quality places to stay, the opportunity to create a win-win situation is becoming easier and easier with the right guidance.

That’s where Local Real Estate Finance Coach Wayne Turner, of the Wayne Turner Financial Group, LLC, a firm located Southfield, has been able to assist hundreds of clients to learn the real estate market and then execute a plan that allows them to supplement their income from $250 to an average of $2500 a month. “Just imagine how much stress you can alleviate from your life when you know that your basic necessities are covered each month before you even work one day at your job,” says Wayne, “how would your life change the second you realized that you were covered, no matter what. That’s what we give our clients each and every day.

To help more people to learn how to make money in the Michigan Real Estate Market, The Wayne Turner Group will be holding a one day workshop on Saturday March 27th, 2010, in the Southfield area, where attendees will learn everything they need to know to get them started with their own Real Estate Investing Business. “This is not going to be some sales pitch seminar where all you are going to get is a bunch of reasons as to why you should purchase more real estate courses” Turner says. “When people leave this workshop, they will be able to start making money in the next 30 days.” The workshop costs only $75 and is limited seating is available.

Turner says that one way to help the Michigan economy recover is by stimulating housing sales through investing. “If more people step into the real estate investing arena, not only will they stimulate their pockets, but they will stimulate the local recovery as well.”

To attend the workshop and reserve a seat at the workshop, then all one has to do is contact The Wayne Turner Group directly at 248-552-6606. The workshops usually sell out very quickly are the space is limited so if you are interested in attending, you are urged to act quickly and reserve you ticket.

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