“People’s History” Expands to Florida with Local Author's New Release

Boynton Beach, FL, March 19, 2010 --(PR.com)-- A local Florida author Adam Wasserman has brought Florida history to life with his recent release, A People’s History of Florida 1513-1876: How Africans, Seminoles, Women, and Lower Class Whites Shaped the Sunshine State, which narrates Florida history through the words, experiences, ideas, and actions of African-Americans, indigenous people, women, and poor whites. The recently deceased Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States, inspired an entire series of People's History books to incorporate his style of bottom-up history into retelling various past events, eras, and places.

The use of People's History on the local and regional level in the United States will focus on both the uniqueness and similarity of popular struggles, as well as showing how national history played out on a microcosm. The unique and often fierce conflicts that characterized Florida history provide us an extreme example of wider popular struggles in U.S. history. This is why Wasserman found his own home state ideal for the People's History concept.

"With the legislation of the Education Omnibus Bill in 2006, as well as the rapidly declining state of education for the state’s lower classes," Wasserman says, "Florida public school curriculums are becoming increasingly limited in their scope of narrating history." Written in the context of a present Florida government, public school, and media atmosphere that suppresses historical interpretation outside of the official ideology, A People's History of Florida not only offers a broad challenge to the way we perceive the past, but to increasing state government restriction and repression of critical history as well.

Adam Wasserman is a native resident of Sarasota, Florida. Inspired by the People’s History series and other critical historical texts, he has determined to base his writing career on revisionist history, social change, and global issues inflicting the world today. He is currently a writer for the reputable South Florida financial firm Phillip Roy Financial and is in the process of completing a promotional work on the history of gold and its implications for the current economic recession. For further information, contact Adam Wasserman at 941-587-7377 or his author website adamwasserman.org.

Adam Wasserman