Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Presents "Spring Italian Language Courses"

Spring is a beautiful season for learning Italian language in Italy. The Italian language School Leonardo da Vinci offers Italian Language and Culture Courses in this period.

Florence, Italy, March 26, 2010 --( Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is located in four of the most beautiful Italian towns: Florence, Rome, Milan and Siena. Teachers and staff are professional and long experienced, and the organization is well geared to meet all the needs and expectations of students of any nationality.

It is for this reason that Leonardo da Vinci is recognized as one the most prestigious schools in Italy. It offers not only group or individual language courses at any level, but also courses of painting, fashion, cooking, wine tasting and history of art.

Spring is a wonderful season to spend some time in Italy: winter is over, the weather is warm but not sultry, the art towns like Florence and Rome are not yet crowded by tourists. The Leonardo da Vinci schools set up special Spring courses, “Corsi di primavera”, just to boost students to meet these interesting proposals and take advantage of this extraordinary period of the year.

The Preparation Courses for the exams of Accademia Italiana di Lingua (AIL) will start on May 31st, whereas the exams will take place on June 25th. In order to certify the proficiency reached in Italian language, students need to pass an exam and get an everywhere recognized Diploma. It gives an objective evaluation on their skills and an added value to their curriculum vitae.

Leonardo da Vinci School cooperates with the Accademia Italiana di Lingua (AIL), a cultural association which issues Diplomas of Italian Language on different levels. Students can attend a preparation course at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci and sit the exam in the end in the school institutes. The Ail exams are an important aim for students of Italian language. Every linguistic skills is thoroughly evaluated through tasks and exercises set to test the student’s ability to use the language in different communicative situations: listening, writing, speaking, reading.

Whoever loves reading Italian authors will find attractive the Italian Literature Course, which will start on April 12th. It is structured in 16 lessons and lasts 2 weeks. The course' aim is to bring students closer to the contemporary literature, by reading, analyzing and commenting the most significant authors of the late 20th century Italian fiction.

The course starts with a historical introduction, essential to enter the social, political and intellectual background of the years when the selected writers wrote their works. Students are in contact with authentic and not simplified texts, to be analyzed either on a linguistic level or on a literary one. The course plans to read classical texts by Buzzati, Calvino, Ginzburg, Moravia, Sciascia and others by younger authors as Eco, Baricco, Camilleri, Ammaniti.

The course they called “Dolce Vita” starts on May 17th. It is an interesting proposal for mature students that the Leonardo schools set up in order to offer a culturally rich but relaxing stay in Italy. It is a course for adults of any age and lasts 1 week. In the morning students will attend a language course, in the afternoon they will take part in many leisure activities: visits to museums, churches, handcraft labs, wineries, etc.

For students who wish to spend a whole year in Florence, the Academic School Year Course will start on May 3rd. It is not a simple language course, but a full immersion in Italian culture. It includes language courses, Cinema, Literature, History of Art, Drama and Fashion. It will end on December 10th.

Whoever dreams about working in a big fashion company, should attend one of the prestigious Italian fashion academies like Polimoda, Naba, Politecnico di Design etc. But firstly, it is necessary to learn Italian language and become absorbed in the Italian culture.

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Florence and Milan offers a specific preparatory course that will help students to follow the Fashion Courses, starting on April 26th in Florence, and pass the admission exams where they are needed.

Florence, Milan, Siena and Rome are open air museums and round every corner students will run into art and history, wonderful churches and enchanting museums. The Leonardo schools have been offering for a long time high quality History of Art Courses, meant to help students discover and love masterpieces in painting, sculpture and architecture by the most famous Italian artists from the Middle Age to the Baroque.

Of course, most of the courses are held outside the school (field trips) so that students can see live all the works they are studying. As suggested by many students, the school opened up a new opportunity for those who don’t want to attend a too demanding course schedule: students can enroll in only one or two lessons, instead of the complete course plan of 12 lessons in 2 weeks.

Further information are available on the school’s website

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Alessandra Ricci