Tenacity Announces Easy Procurement of Section 508 Compliance Enhancement Applications for Cisco Phone Systems

Lafayette, LA, July 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Tenacity announced that through the Cisco Preferred Solution Developer Program, integrated accessibility and usability enhancement applications called Accessibility Resolution are available. Tenacity’s applications enhance the Section 508 compliance of Cisco’s phone systems. Accessibility Resolution is available through the Cisco Order Guide for procurement of a new phone system or an upgrade to an existing phone system.

As a Preferred Solution Developer, Tenacity receives extensive technical, marketing, and sales resources from across Cisco. Tenacity is a developer with proven customer satisfaction, has validated interoperability with Cisco products in Cisco labs, and has confirmed strong business processes to engage with Cisco industry leading channel partners.

Solutions built on the Cisco network platform that make up Accessibility Resolution include:
accessaphone™ software applications engineered by Tenacity Operating, L.L.C. (Tenacity), an effective leader within the field of accessible telephony, provide a comprehensive list of Section 508 compliant communication interface options to control Cisco Unified IP Phones as well as provide both legacy and modern forms of text communication throughout the Cisco Infrastructure. Tenacity’s Microsoft Windows® applications, include, but are not limited to, accessaphone ™ and accessaphone™ ipTTY.

accessaphone™ with integrated text-to-speech providing audible notification based off of the status of the Cisco IP phone, can be controlled via the keyboard only, mouse and keyboard and/or speech recognition controls for individuals who are blind / low vision / mobility impaired. Employees who prefer to use another screen reader may use accessaphone’s text-to-speech for audible caller ID only. accessaphone™ is an enhanced interface for the Cisco IP Phones and does not replace the Cisco soft phone or desk phone.

accessaphone™ ipTTY with TTY compatibility, real time text and audio for individuals who are deaf / hard of hearing. accessaphone™ ipTTY helps businesses save money because end users are afforded the opportunity to communicate via TTY using the existing Cisco infrastructure without the need for additional analog lines, modems, or other equipment and barriers traditionally associated with TTY communications. The application communicates through IP and uses standard session initiation protocol (SIP) registered as a third-party SIP endpoint on Cisco Communications Manager. This soft client enables virtually every user on the telephony network to communicate with customer TTY machines, without the need for text relay service. Additionally ipTTY supports audio and real-time-text via RFC 4103; the future in real time text communication.

Accessibility Resolution Program allows Cisco customers to bring the telephony access ramp to the building versus to each employees office by offering enterprise licensing creating a single, entity-wide solution, with each individual’s unique needs matched by accessaphone™ built-in product/feature options.

All accessaphone™ applications incorporate intuitive hotkeys to support individuals with cognitive impairments as well as alternative input devices for people with mobility impairments. For the organization, enterprise licensing creates a single, entity-wide solution, with each individual’s unique assistive technology (AT) needs matched by accessaphone™ built-in product/feature options.

Supporting Quotes:

Don Barrett, Section 508 Coordinator, United States Department of Education on accessaphone™ 3.0

“Wow, all I can say is that is has been and will continue to be an honor to work with all of you. This is such a great product and now that more of our blind employees are using VOIP, we look forward to its increased use at ED.”

Kent Boucher, Accessibility Technical Lead, Cisco Systems, Inc. on accessaphone™ ipTTY 2.0

“Cisco is compatible with several TTY devices. There are several solutions from acoustic to direct connect to software…. The first is a software application from Tenacity, accessaphone ipTTY. IpTTY communicates through IP; is a SIP (standard session initiated protocol) soft client and Windows software application that replaces the legacy TTY device. …Secondly, Cisco recommends TTY devices that allow a direct connect mode where a TTY with an RJ-11 analog line option is plugged directly into a Cisco foreign exchange station (FXS) port. …The 3rd is Acoustic coupling, but Tenacity ipTTY and Direct connect is recommended over acoustic coupling.”

About Cisco
Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

About Tenacity Operating, LLC

Tenacity is a catalyst and leader in providing significant, new, accessible, usable, integrated infrastructure for all employees, regardless of ability. Tenacity designs, engineers, and distributes accessaphone™ software applications necessary to be an effective leader within the field of accessible telephony and related modes of communications. As an industry leader, Tenacity is highly sought after and trusted by individuals, OEM’s, advocacy and support groups, government agencies, and employer organizations, all of whom have a vested interest in assuring that telephones are accessible to everyone.

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