Ferrier and Partners Changes Clearing House to Improve Trading Services

In order to increase and improve services as well as lower the fees to their clients, Ferrier and Partners will process and clear all trades through futures commission merchants OreoTrading.

Genève, Switzerland, March 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Ferrier and Partners (http://ferrierpartners.com) the largest and most diverse leader in futures brokerage services for individual investors in Switzerland, announced that in order to increase and improve services as well as lower the fees to their valued clients, changed clearing house.

Bernhard Künzler, Director of Business Development at Ferrier and Partners, says that he's "confident that processing and clearing trades though OreoTrading will give Ferrier and Partners the opportunity to offer clients a number of new valued services and will also provide a significant improvement in services presently provided to their commodity traders".

Some of the new services that Ferrier and Partners will be providing customers are a choice of several CTA managed trading programs and platforms, automated system trading, a number of daily commodity research sources, and discounted mini trading as well as a significant decrease in additional fees charged to customers for trades they execute. They have also now implemented a new trader's bookstore, which will assist present and future clients in learning all aspects of trading.

Previously, Ferrier and Partners had never been able to offer customers Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA), managed trading programs. The CTA managed trading programs all have well documented performance records. Clients will be able to review programs and choose the managed trading program that best fits their investment goals. Ferrier and Partners will be able to provide the futures trading community completely automated trading systems for customers who do not want to, or simply do not have the time, to make their own commodity trades. A feature of the automated trading system is it can be tweaked to permit trader intervention. Investors determine how involved they will be in the trading decision process.

Additionally, the changing of futures commission merchants will allow Ferrier and Partners to provide clients a wide variety of research resources to ensure no investor will be left behind when it comes to important reports, breaking news or upcoming events that affect the commodity markets.

About Ferrier and Partners
Ferrier and Partners is a rapidly-growing, progressive company based in Geneva. Ferrier and Partners is founded and established sometime in 1990 with an underlying belief that the company’s success greatly depends on the client’s success. Ferrier and Partners offers its clients a wide array of benefits that other brokerage firms cannot provide. Alongside with the excellent services and well versed licensed brokers, who help clients to wisely invest in the futures, Ferrier and Partners offers clients a choice of different trading platforms.

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