CUTS Performance Marketing to Resell DeepTarget

New Partner signs up to Resell DeepTarget products to over 1000 credit union customers

Huntsville, AL, March 21, 2010 --( DeepTarget Inc. ( today announced a new reseller partnership with CUTS Performance Marketing, a company that provides turnkey marketing programs and savings on best-of-class products to members of credit unions in their Network. Serving the credit union industry since 1992, CUTS Performance Marketing has developed partnerships with more than 1,000 credit unions and is committed to broadening the benefits of credit union membership by making credit union websites a destination for savings on trusted products and services from leading merchants.

CUTS provides turnkey programs from product categories such as Personal Finance Management, Education & Entertainment and Small Business. Merchant partners include market leaders such as Barnes & Noble, Intuit, ADT and Hewlett-Packard. The primary objectives of CUTS’ programs are to help credit unions attract new members, strengthen member relationships, increase the adoption of online services and grow assets.

“CUTS and DeepTarget are committed to helping credit unions increase the effectiveness of their interactive marketing initiatives and deliver relevant product offers to members. Our partnership with DeepTarget will enable credit unions to utilize targeted online banking banners and email marketing to make credit union web sites a destination for savings on best-in-class products”, said Jeff Plumer, President of CUTS Performance Marketing. He added, “We look forward to offering DeepTarget to our customers and helping them realize the benefits and rewards from this innovative targeted marketing technology”.

Preetha Pulusani, CEO, DeepTarget Inc., said “We are extremely pleased to announce this new partnership with CUTS Performance Marketing. They are ideally positioned to offer DeepTarget to the credit unions in their network, as well as to add further value based on their marketing forte. This partnership also signifies the emergence and growth for digital media marketing in the Financial Services industry, which is embracing DeepTarget for its ability to target the right offer at the right time to the right person. We value this partnership, its synergies and its potential to expand our product distribution in a focused direction”.

DeepTarget products include the following:

DeepTarget OLB for credit unions and banks is a secure, hosted, electronic banner messaging solution that presents targeted and personalized offers to members within various online banking environments. Highly measurable, DeepTarget OLB has a proven track record of exceptionally high software return on investment (ROI) and has been shown to boost the success of marketing campaigns.

DeepTarget Email, the newest product, takes the focus on targeting and personalization into the realm of email marketing. Unique for its rich user experience, particularly in using rules to individually target email recipients with applicable images and messages, DeepTarget Email takes the complexity out of creating personalized, relevant and therefore, highly effective, emails.

About DeepTarget Inc.
DeepTarget Inc. is an insight driven digital marketing company whose software is rapidly redefining targeted marketing. Through the use of DeepTarget marketing technology for online and other digital media, DeepTarget is able to provide comprehensive messaging solutions for businesses of varying sizes and in diverse industries. With anticipated significant growth in the online advertising and digital media industries, DeepTarget is uniquely positioned for sustained success.

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