Smartlogic’s Semantic Classification Adds Meaning to NASA’s Space Flight Programme

UK company’s open semantic platform delivers advanced semantic search for 50 years of information to do with manned space flight.

London, United Kingdom, March 24, 2010 --( Smartlogic, the UK-based company providing advanced semantic software, has had its semantic software - Semaphore - deployed to thousands of users by NASA in order to automatically classify and drive the user search experience over 50 years’ worth of information relating to their manned space flight programme.

Smartlogic worked in partnership with Google, who supplied their Google Search Appliance to NASA in order to handle the massive volume of information NASA are working with. Smartlogic’s flagship software, Semaphore, works with the Google Search Appliance to provide a high quality, contextual, semantic search experience for NASA’s staff.

Smartlogic’s CEO, Jeremy Bentley, comments, “The amount of information that enterprises have to handle these days is orders of magnitude larger than a few years ago. It’s far more than a search engine alone, with its non-existent grasp of the domain, can handle. Users looking for a particular document, or all the information relating to a specific subject, for example, Saturn, need accurate, precise search results delivered in context to the subject being researched. They don’t have time to sift through thousands of pages of search results - some to do with Saturn rockets, some with the planet Saturn and others to do with the brand of car. The semantic search experience delivered by Semaphore solves this problem of information inaccuracy and overload.”

The Semaphore open semantic platform works with an organisation’s established information classification schemes, automatically tagging new content and enabling a vastly improved user experience when it comes to finding relevant documents. The implementation of Semaphore to deliver advanced information management on NASA’s manned space flight programme has organised half a century’s worth of documentation according to NASA’s corporate classification standards, so users are in control of that information, and can retrieve exactly what they want, first time.

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About Smartlogic

Smartlogic Semaphore Limited is a UK software company specialising in information retrieval software that concentrates on adding semantic capabilities to enterprise search and content management systems.

Semaphore is search engine- and CMS-agnostic and uses controlled vocabularies such as taxonomies and ontologies to drive automatic classification of information as well as search navigation. This approach delivers user findability, enhances an information asset with metadata according to a standard, improves the accuracy of search and enables content integration.

Clients include NASA, The National Health Service, ABN Amro, Bank of America and The Office of Public Sector Information.

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