Choice Logistics Launches Business Process Improvement Group to Foster Innovation and Drive Efficiencies

Team to align new and existing efforts to increase productivity.

New York, NY, April 06, 2010 --( Choice Logistics, the global specialist in outsourced mission-critical service parts logistics services, has created a new Business Process Improvement (BPI) group to develop and oversee initiatives that elevate organizational performance. The team will be led by Ron Arad, vice president of business operations, and will focus on operational refinement with a goal of cost containment and improved client service.

This news coincides with the introduction of the next phase of Choice’s BPI program that includes enhancements to workflow and knowledge management, which streamlines information sharing and processes (compete details below). In late 2009, Choice announced phase one of this program that featured new call management and case management systems.

“By establishing a dedicated BPI group, we now have a formal channel to commit both resources and personnel to ensure that these new initiatives are successfully implemented and constantly evaluated for continuous improvement,” said Arad. “Our clients expect proactive solutions from Choice that help improve their mission-critical service parts supply chain and reduce operational expense. The innovative programs we institute and support with our new BPI group reinforce our commitment to a ‘client-centric’ philosophy that places customer needs first and foremost.”

New BPI Initiatives:
Workflow Management:
The new workflow management system efficiently controls and manages established business processes based on a combination of regulatory and operational requirements, along with clients’ unique needs. The system automatically routes and processes data throughout Choice’s organization and provides process management controls at all stages of execution. It organizes the information and prohibits further action until necessary data is secured. This ensures that only relevant information is obtained and shared to maximize efficiency and optimize resources.

For quality control, the system also tracks the progress of client requests to identify and address bottlenecks. To further improve productivity, Choice has efforts underway to implement additional business processes into the workflow management system. These enhancements will free personnel to focus on specific client needs, instead of being burdened by large amounts of routine processes that can be managed by exception, which will significantly improve client service.

Knowledge Management:
Knowledge management tools will aggregate and manage massive amounts of data to effectively service client accounts. Each department maintain its specific data, while the system provides the client-facing Account Services team with quick and efficient enterprise-wide access, without interrupting workflow of other teams.

Client specific data that ranges from trade compliance guidelines and inventory tracking, to terminology definitions and a host of other mission-critical information, is gathered and applied in real-time.

Choice’s BPI group, and corresponding initiatives are expected to generate significant savings and increased productivity throughout the company. These savings will continue to be passed along to clients, in addition to being reinvested in Choice’s ongoing international expansion efforts in EMEA, BRIC and APAC.

About Choice Logistics
Choice Logistics provides highly customized third-party mission-critical service parts logistics solutions that meet the unique challenges of global high-tech OEMs and service organizations. With 400+ strategic stocking locations (SSLs) around the world, Choice provides 24/7 same-day solutions, and other value-added support options, for improved strategic inventory management. Choice’s focused insight and expertise provides a competitive advantage while keeping costs low and performance high. Companies including Avaya, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu and Hitachi Data Systems trust Choice as their service parts logistics partner.

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