Reviews the Acer H 7530 D Full HD DLP Projector

The web’s TV reviews and feedback platform, has today published its review of the Acer H 7530 D, a Full HD DLP Projector available since summer 2009. The website also features rich resources in the form of background articles, latest TV news and reviews from leading experts and user feedback.

Edgware, United Kingdom, March 25, 2010 --( test team drew upon all of their experience to combine objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis to accomplish the testing of the Acer H 7350 D Full HD DLP projector. The projector garnered an average rating of 6.7 points on a scale of 10 in the “Editor’s Rating” category. Weaknesses in automatic iris adjustment, serious DLP colour strobing, poor BrilliantColour presets and slight colouration in black images let the Acer projector down. On the other hand excellent colours, sharp and bright HDTV pictures, portability and integrated colour management impressed the test team. Florian Friedrich, editor-in-chief, said: “The Acer H 7350 D is ideal for mobile use and has a superb design. Combine this with bright, colourful and crisp pictures and you have a pretty good projector for use.”

The review then describes the features of the Acer projector which considering its price class possesses incredibly innovative features. The test team found the projector ideal for mobile use considering its small dimensions. The review also praises the Acer H 7350 for including a built in speaker and picture in picture facility from a second video source. An automatic keystone correction is also built into the projector. The test team found the tinted presets impressive as they allowed projection of images onto coloured walls. Also the contrast ratio produced by this diminutive projector is of a high order allowing decent contrast even in dim lit rooms. The review recommends the consideration of the short focal distance of 1.2x zoom and the large picture offset. Achieving the correct picture settings on the projector is a test of patience and the test team recommends an acceptable picture by setting the “Standard” preset, setting “Degamma” to 1, and deactivating “BrilliantColor”. The review expressed disappointment at the manufacturer not providing the correct settings in the first place. The test team found that the system insistently defaulted back to its BrilliantColour setting which lead to inaccurate colours. Also the automatic iris adjustment (“DynamicBlack”) is lethargic and is accompanied by large area flicker. The motor of the Acer H 7350 D was found to be very noisy and the colour strobing was below par for a device with Dark Chip 2 technology. The Acer displays standard definition signals with flair with excellent de-interlacing for films. Digital signals display with excellent ANSI contrast ratio, attractive sharpness and powerful whites. The test team was disappointed with the prominent colour strobing that added visible artifacts to the image which is not acceptable. Films in 24p quality, HDTV documentaries from satellite receivers have excellent motion clarity and de-interlacing. The edges of pictures were found to suffer from blue and red fringes (DLP colour breakup). The review then provides a set of ideal settings for the Televisions that were derived by the test team at the in-house test theatre for displaying HDTV/Blu-ray signal via an HDMI interface in darkened environments. Friedrich said “The overall verdict for the Acer H 7350 D is that it is a value for money product. But the age old DLP colour wheel producing nasty pictures is just not acceptable.”

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