A New Breed of Watercraft

Columbus, OH, March 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- A new brand of personal watercraft emerges as the Silveira Group announces the launch of the Samba XRS, a carbon fiber ultra maneuverable PWC. Founded by Rod Silveira and Kristen Merck, this American company has developed a unique watercraft designed to give the rider a great range of maneuverability on an ergonomic semi-prone riding position, similar to that of a sport bike. The Samba XRS is built super light, utilizing the same carbon fiber production techniques used in the Aviation and Racing industries to produce a hull that weighs only 34 lbs. Powered by a 110 HP, 4 stroke engine, the Samba XRS is one of the fastest personal watercrafts commercially available.

This new hull design lowers the rider’s center of gravity, allowing beginners to perform tricks without any prior experience. “In a world of Big and Bigger pwcs, we felt the need to respond to a long awaited need for a more intuitive and responsive way of riding a personal watercraft”, says Silveira. The company is expected to showcase and electric model in July of 2010.

For more information visit silveiragroup.com.

Silveira Group
Rodrigo Silveira