Sensidyne Predictive Sensor Failure Cuts Maintenance Cost in Fixed Gas Detection

Clearwater, FL, November 09, 2006 --( Preventive maintenance for fixed gas detection relies heavily on sensor condition, history and exposure – vital data not commonly available from most gas monitors. Sensidyne’s SensAlert Plus gas monitors incorporates advanced data retrieval, time-stamped sensor activity, configurable and assignable current fault signals (between 1mA – 4mA) and virtual relay notification. These tools provide the information necessary for truly effective “Predictive” Maintenance.

SensAlert Plus maintains and displays (or transmits via HART) the following data: 
• Percent Remaining Sensor Life 
• Time Stamped Calibration Record 
• Time Weighted Average (TWA) Exposure 
• Missing or Non-functional Sensor 
• Sensor Test-On-Demand Result 
• Output Current Loop Fault 
• Head or Sensor Fault 
• Calibration Error

Within the FM approved intrinsically safe sensor head, is an optional Test-On-Demand gas generation cell. The Test-On-Demand (TOD) cell performs a bump test at programmed intervals or by manual initiation. This feature eliminates manual bump testing and provides the option of performing the test with the 4-20mA output active or temporarily inactive.

SensAlert Plus is the high integrity, low ownership cost gas monitor with unequaled application flexibility that accepts toxic, Oxygen, catalytic and infrared intelligent sensors, all of which may be shop calibrated and hot-swapped in the facility without declassification. SensAlert Plus is FM and ATEX approved for all hazardous electrical classifications.

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