If Wimpy's Got Your Waistline, But Popeye's Performance is What You Need Then the New Spring Spinach Blog from Fitness Elements Express is for You

New Special Fitness Elements Express Popeye Spring Blog from Fitness Elements Express has 61 New Nutrition therapies and Medical Exercise breakthroughs in Medical Exercise, Eating, and Post Rehab Protocols to share with you.

Phoenix, AZ, March 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Fitness Elements clients and customers are raving of all the new medical exercise and eating breakthroughs this Spring in the Scottsdale and North Phoenix community. Many have spent years yo-yoing with their weight loss issues and attempts. CEO Natalie Pyles of Fitness Elements Express wants Phoenix and Scottsdale local residents to realize these breakthroughs and wants others to be aware of a more practical approach to eating and exercising more effectively on a sustainable path to better health and fitness. Natalie feels through fun interactive education with social media in a blog format this can help the community.

Particular Clients of Fitness Elements and now Health & Fitness Enthusiasts, and CEO of their own Minds did not conduct this investigation in an official capacity nor alone, but rather a personal one of their own. Natalie and her clients feel education is the missing piece to making the behaviors stick and know the news updates will help.

Mrs. Benson started with a non productive lifestyle during her college years and didn't realize the level of poor lifestyle choices leading to her weight gain and chronic illnesses. She'd lose some weight, then have it all come back with more to spare (an all-too common problem most dieters experience). Then she moved on to home fitness gadgets, buying this contraption and that one, none of them helping. Next came the pre-packaged meal plans and then the calorie/point counting programs. Failure after failure occurred, until finally Benson gave in and decided it was time to get professional help from both a licensed Nutritionist, Certified Professional Trainer, and Medical Exercise and Post Rehab Specialist.

She diligently researched every available option in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and even did her own personal Yelp Review research with 5 star reviews she finally decided on settling with Natalie Pyles Owner of Fitness Element Express in North Phoenix and Scottsdale. http://MyFitnessElementsExpress.com to ultimately change her behaviors.

Mrs. Benson is one of the many who finally got tired of her extra belly-fat hanging out, being fatigued, constantly sick, and wanted to conquer this before letting it take any more control over her life, and decided she was worth the investment and to put an end to her personal frustration once and for all. To her surprise, through, Fitness Elements and the help of Natalie Pyles they could make it a mutual win.

Mrs. Benson stated "Fitness Elements Express provides traditional one-on-one personal training, kick- boxing, bootcamps, Medical Exercise and Eating services with state of the art equipment the latest exercise trends, and best of all they come to me," and most importantly Natalie's proprietary Nutrition system, Medical Exercise background, and Wellness Coaching style that gets Results I personally need.

"Pyles say's this is not what you think of when you hear about most weight loss programs paying hundreds of dollars per hour for personal training and nutritional services," says Fitness Elements owner, Pyles. "Fitness Elements staff of Certified Personal Trainers, licensed Nutritionist, and now Medical Exercise Specialist are real experts in their field and our equipment and services are top notch, but our prices are within reach of any professional or homemaker in the community. But more importantly, the results we get for our clients are what we're most proud of. We've helped over 3,000 local residents get in the best shape of their lives, and we've done it without putting a dent into their pocketbook," Pyles explains. "We offer a 2-3 pounds per week and 1% Body-fat per week money back results- base Guarantee, so if you don't get the results, you don't pay. But frankly, we've never had to refund anyone's money because they all get the fat loss, weight loss, body transforming results they want. And they get it quickly," says Pyles. The proof is in the pudding just ask Tiffany Benson who's already lost 31 pounds this year. Fitness Elements has a New Special Spring Spinach Blog accessible for local Scottsdale and Phoenix Residents at http://FitnessElementsPopeye.com/, as well as 6 special free Health and Fitness reports at http://fitnesselementsnow.com. The evidence Mrs. Benson has discovered is shocking and there is a more simplistic, fast, inexpensive weight- loss and fitness solution that really works, and it's right here in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Fitness Elements Express is currently offering a free 1 1/2 hour in home Makeover session and 1 and 1/2 hour metabolic Nutrition assessment absolutely free of charge for residents who want the kind of results they deserve.

Call Natalie Pyles at Fitness Elements Express 480-212-1947 or visit www.FitnessElementsPopeye.Com and Subscribe to Your Free Special Spring Spinach Blog today.

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