Spogg Releases the New Spogg Multi-User Construction Kit - SMUCK - to the Public

Uppsala, Sweden, March 26, 2010 --(PR.com)-- SMUCK is a platform for easy development of Flash multiplayer games. SMUCK is designed to remove the difficulties and technical challenges when creating multiplayer games and letting the developer focus on the gaming experience. If you know how to make a Flash Actionscript 3 game, then you can make a multiplayer game using SMUCK.

In the rapidly increasing casual online gaming world you need something special to make your game stand out from the competitors. Allowing your end-users to interact with other people, be it current or future friends, is a great way to attract the eye of gamers.

SMUCK handles all the nitty-gritty details of client/server-communication, server thread synchronization, database storage, user login, game room management, player skill matching and more. This offers a huge reduction in development time and costs of making games.

The underlying powerful server technologies have been used and tested online for 6 years at Spogg.com and are for the first time available for every game developer. This ensures great stability and scalability.

When using SMUCK, developers will no longer need to solely rely on the limited profits from in-game advertising. Lead developer Ville Hansson says: "Adding extra functions or levels that require a paid membership is a breeze, and the developer will receive 70% of the revenues generated by the game. The remaining 30% are used to cover the cost of hosting the games and handling customer support."

SMUCK consists of easy-to-use drag and drop Flash components on the client-side. The use of dynamically loaded code allows support for future code updates without the need for developers to patch their games.

The server is scriptable using actionscript and can be run locally on the downloadable test server. The test environment includes an intuitive graphical interface allowing the developer to see data sent to and from the server, CPU-usage and additional debug messages in real time. Games that would usually require many thousands lines of programming can now be achieved in only a few pages of code.

To help improve the viral factor of your games, SMUCK offers invitation links to specific rooms making it easy for the players to invite their friends for a quick game.

Using SMUCK will already significantly decrease costs and time-to-market when making and marketing multiplayer Flash games, but Spogg will continue to develop the toolkit. Many new great features that will make the games even more attractive and increase their potential monetization are already in the works and scheduled for release later this year.

SMUCK is available as a free download for Mac OS X and Windows from: http://www.spogg.com/developer

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