Liberty For Maine Calls on Baldacci and Legislature to Revoke Catholic Church's Tax Exemption

Portland, ME, March 26, 2010 --( Today, following reports that the Catholic Church has withdrawn funding for Portland’s Preble Street Resource Center, Liberty For Maine called on Governor John Baldacci and the Maine Legislature to revoke the Church’s tax exempt status.

Preble Street, which provides assistance and support to Portland’s homeless and at-risk population, opposed the attempt to repeal Maine’s marriage equality law last fall. As a consequence, the Church withdrew its funding for the organization.

James Oaksun, chair of Liberty For Maine, commented, “The Catholic Church is a private entity and takes the position that it may discriminate if it so chooses. However, even the Great Teacher said there was a realm of Caesar and a realm of God. In the realm of Caesar, discrimination is totally unacceptable. Furthermore, funds from Maine taxpayers should not be used even indirectly in support of discrimination of any kind, or in any way.”

Oaksun continued, “The Catholic Church has chosen to step from the pulpit and involve itself directly in public controversies, such as in the marriage equality referendum of last fall. Such involvement is not without risk or consequence.”

Liberty For Maine will be contacting the governor’s office, as well as all state senators and representatives, to urge speedy action on the revocation.

Founded in 2009, Liberty For Maine is Maine’s leading advocacy group in support of freedom. It is based in Portland and has declared support for the Statement of Principles of the national Libertarian Party.

Liberty For Maine
James Oaksun