LAN Systems Teaches Computer Network and Data Security at 2010 Southeastern Meter School

Norcross, GA, March 26, 2010 --( LAN Systems presented the topic of Securing your Computer Network and Critical Data at the 2010 Southeastern Meter School. Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) provides critical information to electric utilities and consumers.

AMI will modernize the grid by using the latest technology in communications networks and database systems. This will provide utilities with greater information on the current state of the power grid and consumers with time-of-use cost data. "As AMI systems become interconnected, it is increasingly important that we secure the networks and protect the data," said LAN Systems CEO, Mary Hester. "We continue to share our knowledge of network and data security for SCADA systems with the AMI/AMR community since the systems have so many parallels. Certainly security standards similar to those for SCADA will be part of future AMI/AMR regulations.”

Topics included protecting computer systems from outside attacks by securing the system and training users. Threats like viruses and malware were discussed with specific examples. LAN Systems Senior Systems Engineer, Forrest Thompson, gave a primer on practicing safe computing and offered tips on how to keep from falling victim to common attacks.

The utility industry recognizes that AMI considerations are part of Smart Grid Security. The AMI Security Task Force has released a working document that provides guidance on building security into the grid. Meter schools and conferences provide a unique opportunity for utility professionals to learn about the latest technology and discuss the most relevant issues.

SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
AMI/AMR – Advanced Metering Infrastructure/Automatic Meter Reading

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