Reviews the Samsung PS 63 A 756, the web’s leading TV reviews and feedback platform has today published its review of the Samsung PS 63 A 756, a 63 inch Full HD Plasma TV available since autumn 2008. The website also features background articles, latest TV news and reviews from leading experts and user feedback.

Edgware, United Kingdom, March 27, 2010 --( test team utilized its invaluable experience garnered over the years and used objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis to test the Samsung PS 63 A 756, a 63 inch Full HD Plasma TV. The Samsung PS 63 A 756 scored 6.1 points on a scale of 10 in the “Editor’s Rating” category. The review describes the array of features provided with the television set such as good brightness for this screen size and extensive network functionality. The downsides associated with this TV set are low maximum contrast, judder in 24p material and high power consumption when displaying bright pictures. editor in chief, Florian Friedrich said: “The Samsung PS 63 A 756 impresses with its massive screen size, brightness, and excellent Blu-Ray playback.”

The later part of the review describes features of the TV. The multimedia capabilities of the PS 63 A 756 are extensive with an Ethernet facility which allows it to download weather information and news tickers from the internet. A USB dongle allows the TV to connect to the net via a wireless router. Installing streaming software on a PC in the network allows the playback of movies, music and images from the hard disk. The USB port also allows the playback of multimedia content. The test team found that the TV could receive analogue TV and DVB-T free view signals. But the absence of a DVB-T tuner does not allow the reception of digital cable signals. The review states that the swivel stand provides easy mobility to the 84kg Samsung big screen Plasma and the extensive picture signal controls appeal to expert users. The remote control was found to be bulky but well laid out and the on screen menu was deemed to be easy to use, clear and visually attractive. The test team recommends the “Movie” Preset, deactivation of the noise filter “Noise NR” and the “Movie Plus” setting for a detailed picture with convincing skin tones. There’s also the occasional but irritating judder in the picture quality of standard definition signals. Video signals displayed through the HDMI interface possess accurate quality but the 576i signals do suffer from slight blur. The “Cell Brightness” feature if turned on full blast was found to provide brightness exceeding expectations but also consumed power on similar lines. The maximum brightness made the TV consume 440 watts of power, which could be decreased by turning down the brightness but would also result in fading of the picture. Blu-Ray playback is exceptional on this Samsung 63 incher. TV reviews pegs the contrast for the Samsung Plasma at 1200:1 but in reality the picture displayed has considerable and surprising depth. The sound from the TV has sonorous bass and a pleasing mid range. Music plays clearly with only the treble sounding flat owing to the downward placement of the speakers. The review then provides a set of ideal settings for the TV that were derived by the test team at the in-house test theatre. Friedrich said: “The Samsung PS 63 A 756 does not set any stage on fire, but it still possesses features like the big screen, brightness and exceptional Blu-Ray playback that make it a good buy.”

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