Comedic “Political Action Pak” Claims Role in Rumsfeld's Resignation, Gives Co-creator Overwhelming Rush of Power

Humor got outfitted for a kamikaze combat mission with the release of “The Rumsfeld Diaries Political Action Pak.” Its goal? Give Americans the information and tools they need in as entertaining a way as possible so the tides of public opinion make their final shift, and U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld gets his “Political Liability” walking papers once and for all. And on November 8th, 2006, it worked - Rumsfeld resigned.

Gilford, NH, November 10, 2006 --( What do you do when the "Political Action Pak" designed to drive the U.S. Secretary of Defense out of office actually works - and Donald Rumsfeld resigns exactly 100 days after its launch?

If you're Allen Voivod, co-creator of The Rumsfeld Diaries Political Action Pak (online at, you insist there's no such thing as coincidence.

"From our August 1st debut to Rumsfeld's November 8th resignation, it's 100 days on the nose," Voivod observed. "You can't just do that at random. That's the result of detailed planning, integrated marketing, and an intense David-versus-Goliath mental fixation."

Part truth, part fiction, all shocking, the “Diaries” satirically alleges a torrid relationship between Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein over the last 25 years. It also exposes the political machinations of the two Iraq wars, the personalities involved, and the conspiracy theorists trying to understand it all.

Voivod "has a deftly savage touch, and a gift for producing characterizations which are remarkably plausible within the ludicrous framework of the narrative," according to the satire news syndication service HumorFeed. "The Rumsfeld Diaries is intended to make you laugh and make you mad at the same time. To succeed at both is the mark of a true satirist."

“It’s the ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ theory,” added Voivod, who’s been the editor of news and pop culture parody site since 2003. “Americans don’t want to read a bunch of boring court documents and analyses. But if we’re being entertained and the truth clocks us on the side of the head during a guffaw, we’ve been known to rally to action.”

Now that nationwide action has resulted in the historic departure of the Secretary of Defense, Voivod is weighing his options.

"Well, when you realize the kind of awesome power you wield, it gets a bit heady," Voivod said between deep, slow breaths. "I've managed to avoid hyperventilation so far. But it's the gout I fear most." 

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