New Raisonance 8051 Toolset with Support of Ride7 and Windows7

Latest release of 8051 compiler toolchain offers all the advantages of the state-of-the-art Ride7 integrated development environment.

Montbonnot, France, March 29, 2010 --( The latest release of the RKit-51, with Raisonance 8051 C compiler toolchain and related tools, now allows engineers developing applications for 8051 core-based microcontrollers to benefit from the newest version of Raisonance's integrated development environment - Ride7. In addition, users benefit from support of Windows7 operating system and support for numerous new devices from manufacturers such as Silicon Laboratories and Micronas.

With this new release of RKit-51 with Raisonance 8051 C compiler, users have all the features of Ride7 including seamless integration of C compiler tools, project manager facilitating access to complex activities such as bank switching, flashing and multiprocessor debugging, plus integrated simulator, syntax highlighting editor and much more. All of these features are provided in an ergonomic user interface that facilitates personalization to fit users' preferences. Ride7 provides a common interface for working with microcontrollers from a wide range of manufacturers and based on a variety of core technologies including 8051, ARM (Cortex-M3, ARM7TDMI, ARM966E), PowerPC, STM8, and more. Ride7 is provide free of charge and can be downloaded at

The Raisonance software tools operate under a range of Windows-base operating systems including Windows XP, Vista (including 64-bit) and Windows7 (including 64-bit).

The new version of RKit-51 software tools adds support of a variety of new devices from SiliconLaboratories and Micronas to the wide range of supported devices which includes MCUs from leading manufacturers such as Analog Devices, Atmel, Cyprus, Dolphin Integration, NXP and Texas Instruments. For a listing of newly added variants, refer to the RKit-51 release notes. For a listing of all supported devices and variants, install Ride7 and the free RKit-Eval51. The listing is provided under Options>Project Properties>80C51 Options>Processor>Device.

The RKit-51 is a commercial product that includes Raisonance C compiler/assembler/linker, Simulator, ROM monitor, RTOS and CodeCompressor post-link optimizer. It is available in the following packages:

- RKit-Eval51: Free - Compile/debug up to 4 Kbytes of code
- RKitL51: 449 Euros - Compile/debug up to 32 Kbytes of code
- RKitE51: 1595 Euros - Unlimited Compiler, Simulator, RTOS, plus CodeCompressor
- RCA51: 890 Euros - Unlimited Compiler

Owners of licensed versions of the 8051 toolset may benefit from this upgrade if they have an active support contract. For support contract status and upgrade information, contact with a product serial number.

Steve Gussenhoven
+33 4 76 61 02 35