Up Public Relations Has Arrived to Fayetteville, NC with a Whole New PR Twist

Public Relations services have come to the growing town of Fayetteville, NC with low cost prices to impact the world and spread the news for your company or service the right way the first time.

Fayetteville, NC, March 29, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Up Public Relations began with a small name, yet a powerful twist. The main concept is to move a business or service up towards success. The mantra that Up encompasses is the thought from author Mark Twain, “The public is the only opinion that matters at all.” You have to make an impact the first time your service is announced to the world. PR has to be done the right way or the public will eat your business alive, or just not bite at all.

So, who owns UpPR? Let’s move towards the brains behind this flourishing Public Relations firm. Tara Jackson has started Up Public Relations as a small freelance business with the hopes that one day it will evolve into a small business that will employ individuals with the same passion for Public Relations. Tara states, “I came to love PR because I love to work with people. Understanding the current economic deficiency and how impacting PR has become to the success of a company is a risky powerful task to take on. I enjoy that task and enjoy seeing others succeed.”

It’s no doubt that she understands what’s important and how the right words can touch millions. With her Business background and Marketing skills, she knows how to research the market you need and develop a core competence for your business or service.

Think that you can benefit from UpPR’s services? Contact Tara by visiting her website www.uppublicrelations.com or sending her a email tara@uppublicrelations.com. There you will find contact information as well as subscribe to Up's Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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