Reviews the Pioneer PDP-LX 5090 H, web’s premier TV reviews and feedback platform has today published its review of the Pioneer PDP-LX 5090 H, a 50 inch Full HD Plasma TV available since summer 2008. The website also features rich resources in the form of background articles, latest TV news and reviews from leading experts and user feedback.

Edgware, United Kingdom, March 31, 2010 --( The Pioneer PDP-LX 5090 H was tested by the expert team at by efficiently combining objective laboratory instruments and comprehensive subjective analysis. The PDP-LX 5090 H scored 7.3 points on a scale of 10 in the “Editor’s Rating” category as a result of some exemplary features like extremely deep blacks, built in HD tuner, low judder in signals at 60i and 24p, and USB and LAN connections for multimedia. The things that let the test team down were slight weaknesses in operation, grey bars instead of black at the sides of 4:3 pictures and limited brightness in daylight. Florian Friedrich, Editor-In-Chief said: “The Pioneer PDP-LX 5090 H thoroughly impresses with its excellent picture quality, top of the line video processing and dreamlike picture quality. Add a high contrast to that and you have a perfect solution for your home entertainment needs.”

The review goes on to describe the features of the Pioneer PDP-LX 5090 H in detail. The TV plays back multimedia files via its side mounted USB port and the network interface allows the Pioneer Plasma to playback HD quality movies from a PC in the network that has Windows Media Connect or TwonkyMedia Server installed. The test team was impressed with the amount of functionality provided by the remote control and the crispness of the onscreen menu. The “TV Preset” was found the to be irritating as it did not store individual presets for separate video inputs and expert users would have to set settings individually for different input devices. Also the absence of frame readout for HDMI signals is equally unnerving. But the review also appreciates the large number of high class settings that make up for most of the TV’s other drawbacks. An example quoted by the review is the “Drive Mode” setting which allows changes in the flicker and motion depiction. The built-in tuner was found to receive analogue TV, DVB-T and digital satellite TV (DVB-S2 in HD quality). The TV displays standard definition analogue TV signals clearly with only minimum deficits like slight burring and overscan are introduced. The best DVD picture is obtained via HDMI in the form of a scaled 1080p signals. The test team was impressed with the excellent HDV processing for Blu-ray as well as high definition signals. The superb detail, excellent motion depiction, high contrast, and accurate colours were found to provide a first-rate home-cinema experience. The 24p playback is also near perfect. The high contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and the low power consumption of around 220W which is acceptable for a Plasma screen of this size impressed the reviewers. The review then provides a set of ideal settings for the TV that were derived by the test team at the in-house test theatre for displaying HDTV/Blu-ray signal via an HDMI interface in darkened environments. Florian Friedrich said: “The Pioneer PDP-LX 5090 H Full HD Plasma Televisions has a large number of positives that camouflage its minor weaknesses and make it an ideal home entertainment Television set.”

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