Inc Introduces Dr. Reckeweg Products, a leading supplier of homeopathic products, is offering a new poison ivy lotion to their product line. Ivy Block Lotion is the only FDA approved product that prevents poison ivy rashes from happening.

Charlotte, NC, March 31, 2010 --(, a leading supplier of homeopathic remedies (, is now carrying Dr. Reckeweg ( homeopathic combination medicines. The Dr. Reckeweg company traces its origins back to 1877. Dr. Heinrick Reckeweg founded a homeopathic lab in Germany. Homeopathy was originally started in German. Homeopathy is still popular in Germany and many other countries in Europe. Using his homeopathic knowledge, several homeopathic formulas were developed. After Heinrick Reckeweg passed away, his desdendants restarted the company. Dr. Alfred Reckeweg and Dr. Klauss Reckeweg reestablished the company and brand. They are using the same principles today as what was used in 1877 despite state of art manufacturing facilities. Reckeweg has brought their medicines to the United States.

Dr. Reckeweg homeopathic medicines are liquid combination dilutions used to help a wide variety of ailments. Hmedicine is proud to bring the brand to the Internet to sell all over the world. Dr. Reckweg carries over 100 homeopathy combination medicines treating a wide variety of ailments such as flu, fatigue, skin ailments and pain relief. Dr. Reckeweg is looking for homeopathy ( to cover most basis ailments that people encounter. Dr. Reckweg has achieve great success in treating a variety of ailments with their treatment regiments. Hmedicine will add more Reckeweg products as they become available.


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