Datapolis Workbox – Business Process Modelling – the Human Way

Datapolis has introduced a new version of Datapolis Workbox, used for defining and implementing business processes in Microsoft SharePoint environment. What makes the software stand out is not only its graphical interface, but a unique work philosophy which, due to the implementation of state workflows, reflects human decision-making process and allows for very advanced process individualization.

Warsaw, Poland, March 31, 2010 --( Datapolis Workbox puts you in charge of design, analysis and monitoring of complex business processes from within SharePoint environment itself. The software facilitates cooperation between IT department and other elements of a business organisation. Simple and transparent graphical interface, which has been integrated with SharePoint, is user-friendly both to IT staff and business analysts. It gives an opportunity to define a process without tedious and time-consuming programming.

Paweł Bujak, Datapolis’ CEO, says: “Workbox and its unique handling of state workflows is a perfect solution in those cases, where process relies on individual decisions. Needless to say, that this very environment is present in every modern business organisation. The weak points of the majority of processes based on traditional solutions are their high complexity and lack of flexibility. Implementing Datapolis Workbox gives both the company’s IT department and the person responsible for designing business processes a common tool, which speeds up the process implementation and eliminates the risk of doubling their work.”

The product’s innovative features are:
· Graphical Designer (process visualisation) to support process defining. Clear and comprehensible process presentation. Web-based Designer access (no extra software installation required).
· State workflows describe a given process in human-recognized terms. They are composed of two layers: process definition layer and activity layer; the latter can be interpreted as a set of sequential workflows (separate workflow for each state-to-state transition). Process diagram displays only the states and transitions between them, which makes the process easier to both design and analyze.
· Workbox workflows are based on SharePoint workflows and use SharePoint’s resources and mechanisms.
· No programming required – processes can be created by individuals or groups of employees without IT-related skills.
· Exporting and importing of both raw workflow definitions and complete site templates with included content (and workflows). This allows for moving workflows between different environments.
· Embedded workflows can be created. This helps in building complex processes, which can also be optionally divided. Process needs to be prepared only once, but can be reused multiple times in other, larger processes. This means that changing a sub-process can also influence more general processes, making it easier to redesign them to suit changing conditions.
· It can be extended with custom-built extra features.
· Workflows can be controlled externally via web services.
· Intuitive access to all available workflow actions via context menu of a list element.
· Easy integration with CRM, ERP and other external systems.

Datapolis Workbox software is fully integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and requires no installation of additional database or workflow engines. Software is easy to use and fast to install (max. 15 min).

System requirements

Microsoft Windows 2003/Windows 2008
Microsoft WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007 with SP2
.NET 3.5


Microsoft Silverlight 2.0/3.0 plug-in (designer users)
Web browser

Datapolis Workbox is available in three configurations: Standard, Enterprise and Unlimited. All configurations have the same functionality; licence variants specify a number of users or a number of processes which can be implemented.

More information, along with a list of resellers, can be found on software vendor’s website:


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