InTune Offers Powerful Wellness Solution to Small Businesses Worldwide

Strategic Wellness Partners, architect, owner and operator of InTune, an innovative corporate wellness program, announced yesterday that it is providing the powerful InTune wellness solution to small businesses across the globe.

San Diego, CA, March 30, 2010 --( Strategic Wellness Partners has taken all of the powerful components of the InTune program for its Fortune 500 companies and re-oriented them for the smaller company. The traditionally more complex tasks such as employee communications, implementation, incentive fulfillment, integration with existing initiatives, and funding, have been made more owner friendly, allowing smaller companies to actually deploy a proven solution in as little as one to two weeks. Yet this re-orientation preserves all of the features that make InTune one of the most innovative and powerful wellness solutions in the market, including a superior communications portfolio, sophisticated member portal, fully seamless and integrated risk tools, proven intervention programs for weight, nutrition, exercise, smoking, and stress, immediate incentives fulfillment, prizes and contests, and measured results.

Most corporate wellness programs are geared to large, self-funded companies with employee populations of sufficient size needed to deploy sophisticated interventions. These programs have traditionally been beyond the reach and budget of the small business owner. “We have known for many years that smaller companies with a few dozen to several hundred employees have the same needs and concerns about employee health and productivity as large companies,” says Travis Haws, Managing Partner of Strategic Wellness Partners. “We have received numerous requests by small business owners for a program that delivers real results but with a small business price tag. We believe we have exactly what they’re asking for; a program at a fair cost that doesn’t sacrifice the essential ingredients of employee engagement and health improvement.”

Annual surveys of wellness program penetration consistently show smaller companies well below that of larger companies. This may have less to do with believing in wellness as a solid strategy for benefit savings and productivity than simply the lack of available options at affordable prices. Sometimes the only option for small companies is to use what wellness services are available through the insurance carrier. However, these services are generally more à la carte and passive in nature and only apply to employees who opt for that insurance.

“As a small business owner, the health and productivity of my employees are both vital to my business and to keeping down costs,” says Jim Yuran, CEO of Ego ID, an IT company in San Diego. “A wellness program like InTune, that is easy to install and manage, and that really motivates and helps my employees to live healthier is exactly what I have needed. Up until now only large companies had access to this sort of program. Now with InTune I have a solution that I can use.”

About InTune
InTune is owned and operated by Strategic Wellness Partners, LLC, and is a fully integrated health and lifestyle improvement program and a proven strategy to offset rising medical costs and improve worker productivity, performance and loyalty. InTune was launched in 2006 and its clients include notable Fortune 1000 companies. Strategic Wellness Partners is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Strategic Wellness Partners, LLC
Corporate Contact: Travis Haws