GoMobile's "Secret to Immortality" Featured in Media Inc. Magazine

Chris Schuler, president of GoMobile was recently featured in Media Inc. as a guest columnist, sharing the "Secret To Immortality."

Seattle, WA, March 31, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Chris Schuler, president of GoMobile was featured in volume 21 of Media Inc. magazine as a guest columnist sharing the following advice:

The Secret To Immortality

You’ve heard it ad nauseam that people are bombarded every day with thousands of advertisements. But the few brands that are lucky enough to make it beyond the initial interaction and into the realm of immortality aren’t really lucky at all. They’re practicing very strategic tactics to continue the conversation.

Extending your guerrilla marketing campaign’s impact beyond the initial interaction is the biggest challenge for any brand or agency. How do you get people to play Guitar Hero in the back of a truck and subsequently sign up for a checking account? Or get a middle-aged woman to jump into the seat of a branded pedicab that transports her to a branded hair salon where she will spend money?

Here are some thoughts on how to get both participants and onlookers to extend their brand engagement and talk about their interaction with non-traditional advertisements:

Create experiences that are personal. Making the viewer feel special for seeing whatever you’ve done compels them to share it with their friends, because they’re seen as trendsetters. How many people have forwarded your campaign to their friends?

Make it easy for people to share – Once they like what they see, don’t make them jump through hoops to announce it to the rest of the world. We love share buttons that with a click can place that article, photo, or blog on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Provide next steps – Where do I get more information? How can I sign up? I want to be involved! Microsites can measure the success of a specific campaign brilliantly, but don’t forget to set up a fan page and create further interaction through online competitions, or plan for more street interaction. Make sure you give your campaign a home where it will live forever.

Prepare for the buzz – The whole point is to get your message to spark conversation, but if you aren’t prepared for the wildfire of feedback, you’ll lose momentum. Information management and continued communication are key to a successful campaign.

Keep them guessing – What will this campaign, company or product think of next? If you’ve done your job, the audience wants to know. Finding the balance between letting your current campaign breathe and allowing it drag out too long, is crucial.

We all know a good idea should sell itself, but as the way we interact with our world becomes more complex every day, we have to adapt our approach if we want to keep up. Without proper buzz management, we could never expect to take an idea beyond traditional media and make it immortal in the minds and mouths of consumers.

Chris Schuler is the President of GoMobile, an award-winning, nationally recognized non-traditional and guerrilla marketing company that has created brand experiences for Sprite, AT&T, IKEA, Hitachi, and Miller, among others. For more information, visit BeyondTraditional.com.

Jamie Hall