ArtFire’s Merchandizer Gives Sellers Custom Control of Their Item Displays

ArtFire sellers can now determine how their studio and categories are viewed by shoppers

Tucson, AZ, April 01, 2010 --( ArtFire’s latest Pro member feature, the Merchandizer, allows members to set the exact order of their listings on their store pages and studio categories, giving them better control over the appearance of their items and studio for shoppers.

The Merchandizer works by allowing members to drag and drop items on any given page within their storefront or studio categories. Previously, items were displayed based on listing date and members were unable to control which items appeared on the front page of their studio or how items were arranged within their studio categories. Now, members can choose to arrange items throughout every page of their studio and categories, and can use the tool to group items based on a sale, an upcoming holiday the type of item, color, style, or any other criteria they see fit.

“We’ve found that most customers will only look through the first few pages of a member’s studio when browsing,” said John Jacobs, President of ArtFire. “Now, sellers can determine exactly what displays on those pages and change it based on season or upcoming holiday.”

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ArtFire is the premier marketplace for artisans and crafters on the web. ArtFire is continuously working to better serve the needs of their community. Many of ArtFire’s features, including the Rapid Cart, a fully functional storefront widget, The Facebook Kiosk, a tool artisans can use to sell on Facebook, and customizable Coupon Codes, were created based on member feedback and ideas. With the Merchandizer, ArtFire is giving their members another requested tool they can use to find success in their business.

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