Tony Gee International: Bridge Building Company Recovering from Recession with 3 Leads and New Technology Development

Tony Gee International has been busy exploring opportunities overseas in the bridge engineering industry while also partnering to design new transportation technologies currently used in Asia and Europe.

Tallahassee, FL, April 01, 2010 --( Tony Gee International has been extremely busy exploring various business opportunities coming out of the recent recession. The company has received three significant inquiries for services connected with their core business, bridge engineering. The first was for a comprehensive construction package on a major cast-in-place concrete balanced cantilever bridge in Israel but unfortunately the company would have been unable to supply the considerable amount of on-site supervision which was a required component of the total package.

The second was for the design of the formwork/falsework for the 340 feet high cast-in-place pylons for a major cable-stayed concrete bridge in USA. A proposal, based on the innovative system used very successfully on three previous similar bridges in USA, Ireland and Puerto Rico, has been submitted and an award is expected next month.

The third inquiry, just received, concerns the design of all the special equipment – casting cell, launching nose, jacking system, temporary launch bearings, etc. – needed for the construction of an incrementally launched concrete bridge in Russia. A proposal will be prepared for submittal later this month. If successful, this would be the firm’s first venture into Eastern Europe.

Of more particular significance, it appears likely that the firm may soon be rewarded for its efforts at diversification. It has been cooperating for a number of years with a US company who has developed what may well prove to be the world’s first commercially viable ‘Maglev’ or magnetically levitated transportation system. Maglevs have been in operation in Japan, Germany and China for some time but they were demonstration projects whose initial capital costs were such that they were simply not competitive with other types of transit systems. This new development promises to not only be competitive but actually be considerably cheaper than other current technologies.

Tony Gee International has been responsible for the design and development of the elevated concrete guideway structure and also of the complex steel track. A full-scale test track has been in successful operation for over three years and the sponsors are now confidently seeking commercial contracts, mainly on a design/build/finance/operate basis. They are presently negotiating to build a number of urban transit projects on an international basis. As a result, Tony Gee International is looking forward to a considerable volume of planning and design work arising from these projects. For more information, please visit

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