Spring Equinox Giveaway for Conscious and Creative Writers

London, United Kingdom, April 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- As we celebrate the renewal of life on earth, and plant the seeds of our new creative intentions, the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers (IACCW) are delighted to announce a Spring Equinox Special Offer to support your success as an authentic author this year.

There are two fabulous Free Bonus Interviews on offer for everyone who joins the IACCW starting today and through to Monday 12th April.

Julia McCutchen, Founder & Creative Director of the IACCW said “This will be the only membership offer of its kind for the next few months so if you've been thinking about joining the IACCW but haven't taken action yet, now would be a good moment to do so!”

The first interview is with Michelle Pilley, Managing Director and Publisher of Hay House, a leading independent publisher. In it she gives you The Inside Story of Independent Publishing including:

What makes authors attractive to independent publishers.
How the assessment process for new books works.
The value of the author’s platform when it comes to publishing success.

The second interview is with Mark LeFanu, General Secretary of the Society of Authors who speaks on the subject of The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Authors Today. Mark shares his immensely experienced perspective on:

The major changes which have taken place in the publishing industry over the last few years.
The impact of the digital age on authors and their income.
The greatest challenges facing writers today as well as the greatest opportunities.

So what is the IACCW all about?
In the crowded marketplace today, authenticity is the key for writers to create and present their work in an original way that will stand out and be noticed. The IACCW shows writers how to discover their authentic voice – on the page and in the world – and supports writers to understand how:

New developments in technology and communications, alongside traditional publishing options, are creating more opportunities than ever before for writers to reach their readers

Quality information, mentoring and solid support enables writers to make informed decisions about the right way forwards

A ‘whole mind’ approach to writing for publication - where the left brain aptitude for strategy combines with the right brain realm of imagination - leads to the most rewarding experience of authorship

Having conversations with other like-minded writers and building a relationship with your readers contribute massively to the enjoyment of published authorship

A conscious and creative approach to writing for publication is the way to experience genuine, long lasting success and to feel totally free to shine the light of your full potential in the world

To learn more and to join the IACCW, head over to: www.iaccw.com

Resources: Julia McCutchen is the Founder & Creative Director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW). A former managing director & publisher (Element, Random House), Julia has over 20 years’ experience of publishing and a track record that includes UK no 1 and international bestsellers. Julia is passionate about opening the way for people to discover their authentic voice – on the page and in the world. For a FREE 10 Point Action Plan to Discover Your Authentic Voice, and more information about the benefits of becoming a member of the IACCW writer’s community, visit www.iaccw.com.

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