China-Based Thought Leaders Praise ClarkMorgan Corporate Training

Shanghai, China, April 02, 2010 --( "One of the most effective trainings I've ever attended," said Deputy Head of Marketing at WWF, Linnet Kwok.

Kwok was referring to presentation skill training provided by ClarkMorgan Corporate Training's trainer Eugene Rosenberg. Rosenberg, a university graduate of New York's prestigious Columbia University, and published author, is one member of the ClarkMorgan team that has won 'Training Firm of the Year' for two consecutive years, in 2007 and 2008.

Since winning the awards the company has gone on to train some of the highest calibre executives based in Greater China, including Walmart's Vice President of Marketing, Gal Shivtiel. Shivtiel, who is based in Shenzhen praised ClarkMorgan Corporate Training's co-founder, Andy Clark, for an intensive training course that prepared Shivtiel's executive team for presentations in front of 4000 Walmart employees. Referring to his team's improvement, Shivtiel stated that Andy Clark' had understood "the needs of each trainee "which "obviously ensured a significant step-change in their presentation skills."

ClarkMorgan Corporate Training was also the founder of Spark China ( which involved training 34 Thought Leaders from the fields of humanity, environment, business, and science who presented in conferences in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Morry Morgan