Resource Providers Inc. and Plextra - Healthcare Information Solutions Team Up to Provide Web Based Medical Transcription Services

Tampa, FL, April 02, 2010 --( Resource Providers Inc. and Plextra - Healthcare Information Solutions have joint ventured together to provide a paperless solution for any clinic’s medical transcription needs. In combining Resource Provider Inc. medical transcription services with some of Plextra’s health care products, any clinic, large or small can benefit.

Together the companies can offer a wide variety of web based health care services, ranging from general medical transcription services, to Content Management, Electronic Health Records and ePrescribing.

With the modular design of the health care products, clinics can begin to slowly adopt beneficial technology at a pace that works with their clinic needs. If a clinic wants to start with web based medical transcription and ePrescribing they can just utilize these products immediately and add more features when they are ready for them.

“Web based medical transcription is an easy-to-implement technology that is a perfect first step for physicians. It allows their practices to comfortably become acclimated to the new technological interactions they experience during a clinical process,” said Billy Buckles Director of Product Development at Plextra - Healthcare Information Solutions. “Our modular products allow our users to start with one product and then we can turn on ePrescribing, document management and more features seamlessly over the web. By implementing a web based medical transcription system first, practices begin establishing how they will incorporate technology into their existing workflow, allowing them to get “buy in” from staff members as they begin to see the benefits.”

“In order to increase efficiency and improve reimbursements for clinics, we must keep pushing the technology envelope further to stay ahead of customer demand and offer the best and most affordable healthcare information solutions possible,” said Laura A. Kaufman Chief Operating Officer of Resource Provider Inc.

Lastly, with 2010 being the last year to receive the full 2% MIPPA incentive for ePrescribing, Resource Provider and Plextra can help ensure that their clients all receive what they deserve – the highest reimbursement available.

About Resource Provider Inc.
RPI is a Web-based transcription solution for hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, and individual physician practices. With RPI’s system, you can check status, search and retrieve records from anywhere. RPI is EMR-compatible and utilizes HL7 protocol. By investing in quality people and technology, RPI offers the best products and services available. More information about RPI can be found at

About Plextra
Plextra - Healthcare Information Solutions delivers secure, integrated and real-time health information solutions and services in the most effective and efficient manner. Plextra is an advanced healthcare information technology company that provides medical office solutions to assist physicians and their staff in managing critical clinical operations. Plextra has built a web based platform using the latest Microsoft technologies which enables us to remain agile with continuous upgrades and enhancements from the internet. Plextra’s platform design allows for quick change, adaption and delivery of products and services to meet the ever changing healthcare marketplace needs with unprecedented speed. For additional information and product offerings please visit

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