Kameleoon, a Revolutionary Online Web Design Tool, is Officially Launched

With this powerful software, a French startup hopes to bring theme and style design to mainstream Web users, as blogging platforms did for online articles.

Paris, France, April 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Shoopz announces the immediate availability of its new online web design service, Kameleoon, and showcases the product via an interactive demonstration on its website.

This web application can be installed into any existing website, instantly adding professional design capabilities. It comes in the form of a tool panel that is visible, in edition mode, directly on the site's pages. From selecting an element to changing its decorations, the whole process is entirely WYSIWYG. Jean-Noël Rivasseau, founder and CEO of Shoopz, pitches the product: "With Kameleoon, authoring a beautiful design for your site becomes as easy as posting a new article on your blog. We introduced a new methodology that we call e-webdesign: the ability to change the visual look of your website online. We think people will like our product because they are used to browser interfaces. They will see the results of their changes immediately on their pages, without having to worry about complex web technologies or deployment issues."

The software has been in development for more than 18 months. The underlying technology, which was patented by Shoopz in 2009, allows Kameleoon to integrate with any standard website. "This official release is obviously a very important milestone for us. A lot of effort went into making sure Kameleoon would work well with the majority of sites out there, even though the technical challenges were extremely high", adds Jean-Noël Rivasseau. "We're eager to see the initial reaction of the public, and of course, our R&D team is already hard at work improving our product."

The company now plans to launch an Internet marketing campaign to inform potential users, notably bloggers, of their service. Kameleoon is available in a free version for non-commercial websites, while paying customers will mostly be big Web service providers. Kim Loeber, business manager, explains: "Our technology allows companies to offer theme customization to all their users, without resorting to premade templates. It opens up entirely new opportunities for online platforms that host content as diverse as blogs, e-commerce stores, resumes or even dating profiles".

Kameleoon is distributed as a Software as a Service (SaaS), which makes it part of the new wave of innovative web services launched over recent years by industry leaders such as Google or Amazon.

Jean-Noel Rivasseau
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